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    I’m doing a project on OC Curves for a statistics class. I’m trying to find success stories in the use of OC Curves. Does anyone know of a site that I can research for this information?




    This is kind of a strange question as OC curves are a tool to understand a tool which you may or may not have successs with – namely Acceptance Sampling Plans. The guys who really did the work with this wrote about it alot back in the late 40’s. The journal that bacame Quality Progress was filled with these articles, ASQ has them on file. Go there for real insight to use of OC Curves.

    Also read through many things on this site to see how little understanding there is of how to construct and anlayze the curves. Some folks even claim that curves with C=0 are more sensitive (stepper change from accepting good quality to rejecting bad) than the old MIL-STD-105 plans.

    Also read the explanations in the Dodge Romig tables if you can find a copy. This is tough, I own a copy which I guard zealously because it is very hard to find the complete tables.

    If you really want a “success” story, consider use of acceptance sampling vs the approach promoted by Deming in Quality, Productivity, and the Competitive Position. Deming promoted either 100% test/inspection, or no test/inspection. Anyone understand why? As always, Deming was right.



    Thanxx for the info Gary…

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