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    Does anyone have experience with this online training company? It was formerly known as Six Sigma Partners. I’m concerned over a recent payment for LSSGB training and what I have found so far worries me that I’ll never see my $499 again.


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    You should be worried, very worried.

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    I know now. I called PayPal to stop the payment and open a claim. I did a lot of research last night into the company and the owner- I really wish I had done that prior to paying. I actually got overwhelmed by all of the online choices and made a decision based on the ability to talk directly with a MBB as I went through the course. This is what drew me to buy into it. Wow, what a mistake. We should compare notes on this group- I’m curious what others know.

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    Sorry you got burned. This site is a great resource for getting feedback about the LSS community, especially the hacks out there. In the future, toss out the question and since many posters have been in the business from the beginning it is likely that someone on here knows the answer.

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    I don’t want to rub salt in this wound but when you are that far under market price for something don’t you ask yourself why? Even if they would have delivered on the $500 do you honestly believe you would have been on par with people who have years of delivery experience?

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    Who did you find as the owner?

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    I am researching a place to take the Six Sigma Black Belt but I am scared reading stuff in this forum cus it looks as if others have been duped. Can you advice with recommendations since am going to use loan to finance it. Sorry for being a victim to the bad traps.

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    @chris – just curious as to why you think you need on-line training? There are many community colleges providing training, and the better ones can even link you up with someone to do a project if needed.

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    Padmore – are looking for a class or online?

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    Is MH still hawking his $99 training CD plus autograph?

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    I assume since you now understand the @Darth thing and you didn’t do @MikeCarnell that wasn’t directed at me.

    A new Mrs Darth?

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    @MikeCarnell Let’s see if I am as bad at this as you are. Yes, it was directed at you. Not Mrs. Darth yet she is. Much talky talky right now.

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    Let’s be careful here. Heather said I did a good job posting your pictures.

    I have no clue what Mike is doing or how much he is doing it for.

    The new potential Mrs. Darth must be about your age. I assume here eyesight is failing?

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    @chris the sixsigmapartners website for certified Black Belt ties to Villa Nova. If you look towards the bottom of the page you will see that it isn’t actually Villa Nova. It is Bisk Education that does the “training.” Do not be fooled this is a company that procures the rights to use the college name to slap on their product and then they deliver whatever it is that they deliver while their customers are all hoping around going “Oh oh oh I am as certified Black belt by Villa Nova!” Trust me that certification flies with people who suffer from anosmia.

    Just my opinion.

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    First off I’m not trying to push my product, just trying to offer good service to those that are new to this market. @chris…. if you’re unable to get your money back we (MoreSteam) would provide you with a credit towards a MoreSteam online course.

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    @chris – this is a good (aka generous) offer. You will walk away with a certification that has credibility.

    Just my opinion.

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    Everyone; thanks for your posts. I was weary of how cheap the “program” was, but what sold me vs. my next choice was the “one-on-one” instruction with a certified black belt when you needed it. In my estimation that was important, but turned out to be a falsity and not needed at all. Since my first post I have become certified by The Acuity Institute and I thought their program was good for what it cost me.

    Now, on to my situation with Six Sigma Academy. I was denied a refund by PayPal because what I purchased qualified as a “service” and they do not offer refunds on services. So, I have put in a claim with my CC company. Next, I opened a complaint with the Florida Attorney General’s office based on a false advertising. Let me tell you why I did this:

    Glenn F. Byrnes, the owner of Six Sigma Academy, LLC has a LinkedIn web page (see attached) with his bio. Glenn has his credentials on his linkedin page and also mentions them on the instructor credential page on his website. You will notice he has a “PhD” listed as one of his accomplishments. The “PhD” was from an institution called “Warren National U.” from 2008. In 2009 WNU closed due to its inability to gain accreditation. Not only that, but the DOJ has determined that WNU was a diploma mill and has since fired many government employees with diplomas from this school. Furthermore, the state of Texas has a law banning anyone from using a diploma from this school. Use of a diploma from WNU can bring up to a year in prison.

    I have since emailed Glenn asking for a refund and letting him know where I was going with my information. He replied that he worked real hard to get his phd and that his website states it does not offer refunds. The very next thing I did was to call the AG’s office and initiate a claim.

    It isn’t just that Six Sigma Academy is offering sub-par education and worthless certifications, they are misleading people into believing that they are much more qualified than they truly are.

    By the way, Glenn’s website has a direct link to this website. I’m not sure if any of you knew that or not.


    1. Glenn-F-LinkedIn.pdf
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    @speedagent Your first post said Six Sigma Partners, now you have said Six Sigma Academy several times. You may want to correct before you get in over your head.

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    Looks like it’s Lean Six Sigma Academy LLC. The guy does appear to be slippery as he refers to his work in 2002 as “Dr,” when he only received it (legit or not) several years later.

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    Six Sigma Partners changed their name to Six Sigma Academy, LLC. I’ve done my homework and nothing I have said here or anywhere else is defamatory or libelous. It is all factual information that can be found online with a single click. Six Sigma Academy is also, just FYI.

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    The link I meant to post was

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    It’s Lean Six Sigma Academy LLC. And I don’t think you misspoke, just used the wrong name (again).

    Six Sigma Academy is the former company of Dr. Harry and now goes by SSA & Co. Rightfully or not, they are proud of their heritage and will take exception to being wrongfully flamed.

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    Not only that, but read the section where he refers to Motorola. He says he was contracted by Motorola in 2002 to rollout a whole new Six Sigma initiative, but then goes on to say that he was certified by Motorola in December of 2002. So, did Motorola ask a completely unskilled and uncertified person to teach this discipline to the entire company? I doubt it. And, conveniently, most of his past employers no longer exist.

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    You are correct, I did use the wrong name and I did not intend to do so. The former name was SIX SIGMA PARTNERING, not “Partner” or “Partners” as I have incorrectly typed.

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    Damned internet. Used to be that you could lie about your qualifications and nobody could check on them (or at least it was really difficult). Now, even Stan can check up on folks. It’s getting to the point where you actually need to tell the truth.

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    Chris @speedagent is very miss-informed. Glenn Byrnes and Lean Six Sigma Academy LLC deliver excellent Lean Six Sigma training at a distance and in classroom venues. I have viewed the company website and Dr. Byrnes LinkedIn profile and am very satisfied with what I learned. Also, Warren National University (WNU) was a legitimate institute of higher learning delivering bachelor, masters, and doctorates to a target market of mid-career professionals. WNU operated between 1984 and 2009. It was licensed in the State of Wyoming and was at one time accredited by a International Distance Training Association. Although WNU failed on it’s first attempt to attain accreditation, they chose to close operations rather than change their learning model and spend many more hours, dollars, and resources to attain accreditation.

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    Chris @speedagent is very miss-informed. Glenn Byrnes and Lean Six Sigma Academy LLC deliver excellent Lean Six Sigma training at a distance and in classroom venues. I have viewed the company website and Dr. Byrnes LinkedIn profile and am very satisfied with what I learned. Also, Warren National University (WNU) was a legitimate institute of higher learning delivering bachelor, masters, and doctorates to a target market of mid-career professionals. WNU operated between 1984 and 2009. It was licensed in the State of Wyoming and was at one time accredited by a International Distance Training Association. Although WNU failed on it’s first attempt to attain accreditation, they chose to close operations rather than change their learning model and spend many more hours, dollars, and resources to attain accreditation.

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    Sorry, I forget to mention that on the company website there is a Graduate Registry listing the Lean Six Sigma training graduates and providing an email hyperlink to communicate with each of them. I sent a request for recommendation of the Lean Six Sigma Academy LLC training to several graduates and received back only positive responses. The graduates were all very satisfied with their experience and highly recommend this training.

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    and you did this as a totally impartial, uninvolved public service? right.

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    No, MBBinWI…I like to do my research before I make a purchase. I plan to enroll in Lean Six Sigma Academy LLC\’s distance training program in the near future. I just have not decided between going after Lean Six Sigma Green Belt or Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

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    Is “Al” really Adhir, the customer service rep for Lean Six Sigma Academy? Nice try.

    Listen, information about this school as a scam is all over the internet- one lousy positive post isn’t going to change years of factual information. (wikipedia entry for WNU) (ripoff report about WNU) (originally posted list of names from the DOJ investigation…scroll and you’ll find Mr. Byrnes’ name) (original outlet that posted the DOJ list of names. The list was later removed, but re-listed on a mirrored site)

    Bottom line is this is not legit. Everything I have listed here is fact and can be verified just by clicking my supplied links or doing your own search. By the way, you can’t claim to work with “Nike” or “insert any company name here” if a guy who works at Nike takes your course. What a farce.

    One of the funnier things that many of the WNU students claim is that they have their transcripts that prove they graduated with X grade point average and the classes they took while enrolled. (Glenn claimed he has his and that he “worked really hard to get his online “PhD”). One major thing wrong here; what school just sends out transcripts to students? The school I went to, a legitimate SEC school, does not allow errant mailing of transcripts. They will only send them out to an institution or business with a proper request.

    Good luck convincing me that you are legit. I think there are enough smart people here that will also have a tough time believing your BS.

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    “Al”, you are fooling nobody. Is this the guy from customer service?

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    The web is full of links to articles and information about the illegitimacy of WNU. Everything I have stated here is factual information that can easily be found online with a quick search.

    #177643 Reply

    What I think is so funny is that so many forums online where former students talk about how they were robbed of their degrees and their hard work talk about having a copy of their transcripts. I went to an accredited institution in the SEC and they will not send out transcripts without a formal request from an institution. They will not send me a copy. Just because you say “I worked really hard for my degree” doesn’t mean you really earned it. Some articles about investigations turned up degrees for people’s pets with GPA’s of 3.5, etc. Yeah, I bet their cat worked really hard at WNU.

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    Shall I keep going, “Al”?

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    Oh, Al, you mention how long WNU was in business as a school of higher learning. You’re kind of twisting the truth…a lot, aren’t you? The fact is WNU was formerly known as Kennedy Western. Look that one up, folks- some entertaining reading. Name change and constant HQ moves doesn’t bode well for legitimizing your institution or the degrees people buy from it.

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    Chris @speedagent: The attachments to your recent posts are not credible. Since I have time on-hand today, I have looked into Warren National University myself and don\’t see anything to complain about, let alone affect my choice of Lean Six Sigma Academy LLC as my Lean Six Sigma training provider.

    Attachments to:

    Post #177639: An obscure Internet based article written by the \”Diploma Mill Police\”? Come-on man….this has real credibility?

    Post #177641: Another obscure Internet based article that has nothing to do with Warren National University. The article is all about diploma mills operating in Spokane, Washington. Warren National University never operated there.

    Post #177643: Another obscure Internet based article announcing the closing of Warren National University. So what\’s the point here?

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    Chris @speedagent: Woops, I forgot to address you last post #177647. A simple name change from Kennedy-Western University to Warren National University bothers you? Why? WNU/KNU moved it’s corporate office twice. So what? WNU/KNU were in operation for 25 years, and was an online university. Who cares where the office is. It’s online. None of your arguments hold any water against WNU/KWU. Chris, thanks for getting my attention on these issues. I am convinced more than ever that Lean Six Sigma Academy LLC is the best choice for my Lean Six Sigma training.

    Also, I took a look at a group of very satisfied WNU/KWU alumni. Maybe you should to:

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    Al, you seem like a very objective fellow.


    You don’t think everyone can see through your nonsense. This guy is a scam artist who bought a PhD. And I am pretty sure you are that guy.

    Do you think we are stupid?

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    @speedagent – Chris: Did you get your LSSGB training course? If not, did you get a refund of your $499?

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    I currently have a dispute with my CC co. I have since become GB certified by the Cuity Institute. They have a good reputation and their price was what I was looking for in a GB cert. I will pay a little more for my BB, but it will be a while until I make that investment.

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    that was supposed to say The Acuity Institute.

    #177834 Reply

    Chris @speedagent That is some good stuff and you have done a good job of presenting it. Nobody is buying the line of BS that Al is handing out.

    Back to getting certified. You have a good offer on the table from Moresteam – I would suggest you take advantage of that. Don’t lose sight of what you really want to accomplish.

    Just my opinion.

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    Hi Everyone,

    I have an update on my situation and also a request for a contact.

    I have filed complaints with multiple national and state of Florida consumer departments as well as the Attorney General’s office. All have agreed to investigate and I also have an investigative journalist interested in interviewing me for a story about diploma mills and the people that use these degrees for professional advancement.

    I have been successful with my credit card dispute. I am very pleased that they saw the situation the same way as me. However, when I paid LSSA I made payment through paypal and used a current balance in addition to the CC charge. LSSA and Glenn Byrnes still owe me $80.39.

    Can anyone here recommend a good civil attorney in Florida? $80 isn’t a lot of money and that isn’t the point for me. I told Mr. Byrnes I would see this through to the end and getting my $80.39 back is the end of this for me. Thank you in advance. From what I have heard so far the state of Florida is already considering upholding other states laws regarding the use of diplomas from illegal institutions such as Kennedy Western/Warren National as illegal.


    #178449 Reply

    @speedagent – go to small claims court and do it yourself. You’ll lose a lot more hiring a lawyer and won’t need it in SCC. If the other party isn’t in Florida, you’ll have a hard time collecting, but you can at least have the judgement logged in their credit report.

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