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    Do we need to co-relate organisation goals of low and high level.


    Shelby Jarvis

    Goals and metrics drive behavior. To get an organization moving together, the goals and metrics must drive this.

    Keep in mind, aligned goals does not mean that everyone has the same exact wording nor scale of metrics.

    Effective goal setting respects that some teams will need to maintain performance while others will need to strive for breakthrough. Understanding which teams need which level of performance is difficult in many situations. It is worth the work. Without it, resources can become aligned to the wrong opportunity.

    Additionally, high level organizational metrics are not always applicable to every level. For example, your organization may create metrics over Working Capital. However, deep in the organization are teams who only control 1 or 2 components of Working capital. In this example, make the metric match what is controllable. For example, a production manager may have metrics around inventory if this is the appropriate level of control. With this, this person is driving Working Capital in a manner which they control.


    Arun sathish RS

    Goal setting with KPI and KRA align to the Company goal

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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