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    Is it poor business ethics to post your organizational chart on the web?
    Dont answer that.
    After an exhausted web search, I could not seem to locate any Organizational charts from any of the automotive majors, as well as many fortune 500 companies.
    I suspect, being the naive person that I am, that the people at the top of the tree become potential opportunities for deviants.  Well, with  that dismissal out of the way.  I would welcome a copy of any major manufacturing corporation, even if the names were removed.  ( I just need the titles).
     . . . . What do you mean what for?
    Well, truthfully, I told a friend of mine I would send him one.  ( Thought there would actually be one on the WWW . . . silly me)
     . . . . What? . . . why does he want it.
    My friend works for a major corporation and would like to see a comparison.
     .  . Did I tell him that org.charts should be built around ‘control towers, or process owners, or what ever the newest “I’m accountable” term is?
    Well, although I subtly mentioned it.  It was very clear to me that all of the meaning behind org charts was irrelevant.  He just wanted one.
    Any help or location would be greatly appreciated.
    ps . .. sorry I been away for about 2 years .  . . . nice look and search engine on the new forum lay-out.   I miss the little icons though . ..

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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