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    Mike Archer

    Hello – I am a new BB.  I am working a project on part presentation in a manufacturing area in the aircraft industry.  I am pretty sure that my metric should be a percentage of the time spent by production team members searching and gathering parts.  Task observations of every team member for a build cycle would be the best way to measure, but too time consuming (especially for the purposes of an MSA).  I would like to get some thoughts on the best way to do this.
    Thanks in advance,



    Mike,With all due respect, this must not be a very good problem to fix if it
    is too time consuming to take data to quantify.If it is a good project, take the data. It can be done through process
    observation which is also a good thing for a BB to do to really
    understand the problem



    I agree with Stan, Mike.
    I don’t know how else you would be able to accurately measure wasted time without actually……well….measuring it.  Unless that was the only time in that process that wasn’t directly accounted for or measured and then you could extrapolate (assume) that time.  I had the same situation and couldn’t do anything else except give someone a stopwatch and have them stand there and watch…
    Have fun! 

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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