pharmaceutical yield improvement project using DMAIC ?

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    Hi all,
    I have just started a M.Sc thesis in Quality Management with an Irish university; this thesis is purely research based and required students to spend 10 months working with an organisation to solve a significant quality related problem. I have recently confirmed a contract with an Irish pharma company to carry out my project there; the project involves identifying and eliminating variability from the production process to produce predictable yields.
    I am currently thinking that the DMAIC framework would be the best method of tackling this problem. However this is not a six sigma project, and there would not really be a defined DMAIC project team, I would be carrying out the project on my own, with support from the company of course.
    Does this sound like a reasonable approach? I do believe that a structured framework is essential to solve this problem, but am unsure if DMAIC can be effectively deployed when not part of a defined team.
    Any comments on this issue would be greatly appreciated!!!



    DMAIC can be used in any size of team even a team of 1. The framework and tools are what you need.

    Good luck though. To do this on your own without a team will be hard, do you have a pharma and science background?


    Prabhu V


    According to me, when the time you started talking about “controlling the variability and DMAIC approach” then it by default comes under the LSS framework.

    Data driven approach is best & effective approach for solving problems basically from the variation area.

    Hence i strongly recommend to follow the LSS principles in your focused problem area.

    Best Wishes.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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