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    I am working in a pharmaceutical industry.  I would like to do Phd in six sigma breakthrough management.  Could you advise me a topic on which, I can work



    I suggest the following topic:
    “Six Sigma – new management quality”



    Geez, try searching this site, will ya? I’m tired of reading posts from Phd’s saying “please help me get my degree.” For someone with a quest for knowledge, it’s amazing that they choose the path of least resistance when it comes to research. See the upper right hand corner…search the site.



    I agree.  If a person needs to be told what to research, he/she does not have a clue about more than just Six Sigma.
    To know what has been researched in completed and accepted dissertations in the last couple of years about Six Sigma (or any other topic) use this web site:    That and researching isixsigma articles and doing Google Boolean searches will be a lot better than asking people in a forum what to research.   Painfully inappropriate…



    why don’t you try to research on the standard sigma shift and bring out ways to reduce it.
    people have accepted it as it is but there must be ways to reduce (if not remove) that variation.



    Six sigma’s contribution to manufacturing and service sector is laudable, where as there are other areas which are not touched or practised or adopted like trading, logisitcs, NGO, etc.
    Why dont you take a topic on one of the above mentioned areas to explore new heights.


    old to SS / no to research

    I would STRONGLY suggest you take some other topic worth giving your research some value.
    It will be WASTE  and I am just warning you to be aware of.
    No one here in the forum or else where will guarantee you any true capability values or Sigma levels from any companies. If you want to fake and continue using their data then you may go along.
    I t would be SAD to see your efforts not leading to HAPPY end.
    Take it or leave it! That’s just a piece of advice from old Six Sigma buddy.
    Do some research like Taguchi and other genius people in maths and stats or quality metrics and management. That will bring you up. Six Sigma is OK if you truly practice it and deploy faithfully and we have seen wonders. But remember, this wonders are very less and limited. A true practitioner can get satisfaction where he applied and got results but overall at a company level most of the projects could be fake and commonsensical, those that are converted to six sigma projects.
    Good luck anyways!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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