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    *Smith and Harry’s initial  Six Sigma  umbrella included SPC,ADT and PE:What does that mean?:ADT and  PE?
    **The  1.5 Sigma  deviation remain controversial,but it’s not  a fundamental issue.Please explain that :how it is not fundamental??
    ***SS is  a superb strategy that addresses Leadership,tools and infrastructure issues,some of which were neglected by  previous programs:How?considering that TQM emphasizes on the same issues…              Thanks and Regards…………MMAN



    Further to a previous post, ADT was Advanced Diagnostic Tools, and PE was Planned Experimentation – I still have a certificate with ‘gold stickers’ with these labels on it.
    When I had to attend these classes at Motorola in Austin, ADT and P.E. were quite similar to Shainin’s course, which I attended in 1983. Even some of the examples were the same, and I assumed that Shainin had co-operated with Motorola. I guess he didn’t and there was some ‘falling out.’
    I felt that Statman’s analysis of the 1.5 sigma shift was most convincing and I also appreciated the efforts that Reigle took to provide a counter argument. My only disappointment is that Reigle has not taken the opportunity to provide proper scientific references to his ‘book in a drawer,’ and other papers that he’s mentioned.
    Actually, Dr. Harry’s SS has been cobbled together and is not a coehesive theory … there are so many contradictions. That does not mean to say that it is all bad, simply that what is good has been based on previously known techniques, such as:
    Project Managment, Management by Facts, Evidenced based engineering, Rolled yield, statistical engineering,  etc: But  I am quite happy to concede the contribution of the hierachical and divisive ‘blackbelt’ system, and the nonsensible Process Sigma to Dr. Harry et al.
    You should also be aware that Motorola waferfabs were very successful before the advent of Dr. Harry’s Six Sigma. Before Dr. Harry, there was also Taguchi Methods, Spatial Yield Analsysis, Failure Analysis, Multivariate Methods, and excellent management … managers such as George Fisher, Bill George, and many others …

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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