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    I work at an automotive plant that is IATF-16949 certified. We are working on a SMED/Quick Changeover improvement and we want to use pocket cards that folks can reference to KEEP THEM ON TASK. Why do we need pockets cards? Because there are two rotating positions and each task list is 8-9 tasks long. Kind of a lot to remember 18 different tasks in a fast paced environment. The problem is document control.

    The Gantt charts we used to create the quick changeover process ARE controlled. These pocket cards mirror that document, so Document Control insists they must also be controlled. These pocket cards tell employees, not HOW to do a task, but the ORDER they should do the tasks in. Document Control says these pocket cards must be signed, logged, tracked, all that. Is there some rational reason I can give Document Control to convince them that these do NOT need to be controlled documents? I don’t really want to use giant posters around the machine to keep people on the task list–just very cluttered.

    * Can you offer a logical/ISO reason that we do NOT need to control these pocket cards? Or,
    * Can you offer a better alternative beside pocket cards or poster size tasks lists?

    Thanks. If that is not clear, let me know and I will try to explain it better.


    Mike Carnell

    @Ahiru-san This will probably not be much help. If it were my production floor I would run it the way I want and wouldn’t ask document control for permission.

    If that doesn’t work drag them out of their office stand them on the floor and tell them to fix the problem.

    I told you it probably wouldn’t be much help but I am not an advocate of a group of people who dictate rules and are not part of the solution. If I owned the place I would fire the person running document control and see if the next person in command was more inclined to be part of the solution.



    On a very basic level, this creates work. Why would anyone want to create more work? There would have to be logs, people to monitor the logs, and the cost of paper, storage, and time- the time of the employee signing out the card, returning the card, and the person monitoring the cards and logs. Is this cost effective for a card that probably has very little cost and can be easily duplicated if lost?

    Not knowing what the workplace looks like there are options such as magnetic page size sheets, sheets attached with tape, chain attached laminated sheets, or clipboards.

    The sheets are a poka yoke, but it is the contents of the sheets that matter, not the design of the sheets themselves. I agree posters could be cluttered, but you need to make sure the contents are available near where they are needed. Look for a way to put them near the user in a place where they will not get lost.



    I have toured quite a few plants where they now use a TV monitor for information at the workstation. They can be used as job aids etc to manage work. The are usually tied into one computer hub to send and maintain the data and charts so once set up easily kept up to date. Just one thought.



    Impressive initiative I must say. The rational of controlling document is not only ISO requirement but to also ensure team members sue the latest version. As Standards create continuous improvement, I am sure the task list or SMED procedures must be getting revised through kaiznes/ Contonuous improvement. So the solution lies in the rational itself. I would suggest controlling the place where these cards are kept/ stored/ returned after sue ( SMED trolleys/ change over preparation room whatever the case may be) and to ensure you have latest version there. Fix clear responsibility/ accountability as a part of standard work of somebody. I am sure one would not like to miss this initiative of making it easy at point of use by having an older version!



    The short answer is yes, they should be controlled. An auditor who finds difference between the pocket cards and the procedure documented elsewhere won’t be pleased. A nit-picker would demand to see the controls in place to ensure that the pocket cards are always consistent with the current version of the official procedure. But as noted by previous commenters, pocket cards may not be the best quick reference. Will people pull out and reference the pocket card?

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