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    Pointless Registration Criteria!
    Just a message to ask/ remonstrate as to why the registration process for this site is so difficult?

    The password selection was simply pathetic! Not even my bank, no sorry change that, not even my banks demand such a stupid password criteria. Uppercase, Lowercase, number and special characteristic? What the on earth for? It’s an unimportant ‘pastime’ website that doesn’t hold any important bank account details, passwords of any kind. In fact at best it can be described as a nothing website.

    So why then do I have to ‘create’ yet another new format of password in addition to the others that I have? This site has to understand that humans are beasts of habits and that we simply, right or wrongly, keep the same password, or perhaps several, one for banking and one for non important sites like this one. I cannot even remember what my password is now for this site.

    I would like to understand how many people actually turn away from signing up simply because of the stupid password criteria requirements.

    This will obviously be my first and last post on this site.




    I, for one, will not miss you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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