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    I am working on a Tolerance Analysis where I am looking to move from block tolerance (+/-0.005) to position (0.002 MMC to datum A) for six drilled holes. I have completed the tolerance analysis for the block tolerance and run my analysis, I am looking to make sure as I change to the Position call out that I enter the tolerance correctly.


    In the attached pic you will see the two version of tolerance analysis, I want to make sure I capture the tolerance applied to the six locations (lid and base separately).

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    Robert Tipton


    +/- 0.005 allows for 0.005 in the X Direction, as well as +/-0.005 in the Y Direction.

    This Equates to a Hypotenuse, at a 45 Degree Angle, of 0.007  (Radius) Times 2 = .014 True Position RFS.

    Not Considering the Tolerance for the MMC, the 0.002 MMC, would be a severe and dramatic reduction of the total tolerance.

    0.002 True Position is Equal to a Radius pf 0.001, which Equates to +/- 0.0007 in the X and Y Direction.

    Again, Huge Reduction in the Original Tolerance

    If you need more detail, Please contact me via e-mail







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