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    Is there any standard process or template available for reviewing projects that have been completed?

    We are trying to capture metrics from each project (whether Six Sigma or not). I hope that this will give us a way to demonstrate increased success rates for Six Sigma projects.


    Bob K

    A good place to find information is in “Managing Six Sigma” by Forrest Breyfogle, he presents a lot of good information. I’ve been practicing Six Sigma for over 6 years and his is the best work I’ve encountered in helping people get started and for managing their programs.



    Hi Bob,
    Very glad to know that you’ve been practising six sigma from past 6 years.Please see if you can help me here,

    Well, we tell that maximum allowable GRR as a percent of tolerance is 30%. In your opinion, is this range generalized for any manufacturing process?If not then how do we define this range with respect to the manufacturing process we undertake?

    Other thing in my mind is how do we define sensitivity of the eight tests we undertake for data to determine the presence of special cause of variation?I am reffering to the option available in the minitab?

    Can you refer any material that is available about ‘project scoping’



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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