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    BG Panda

    In regard to Call Center Metrics. Do any of your organizations post the job metrics publicly so they can be viewed by your staff? Where I work we have been directed to post the metrics on job performance with the names of each individual staff members. I’m wondering if this is a normal practice.
    Looking forward to reading some responses.



    We post the performance metrics publicly, and some sites do it down to the associate.  But that level is more the exception rather than the rule.
    In a friendly, competitive environment that works.  Management tone will determine if this is an incentive or a detriment.  We have seen the star performers offering support and assistance to the poor performers – without management pushing it.  Management brings up the overall performance & top performers – and doesn’t mention the ones on the bottom. 
    I think it is a risky approach.  Too often management just hasn’t established the trust environment first.



    Yes, this is typical.  Ussually in a report, but not posted on a wall.  It helps staff see where they rank in performance to others.  Management does this to help motivate staff to do more, plus it is important for open and honest communication between management and staff.



    Yes. We found that that was what it took to give metrics the attention they needed. A caveat is that we also allow staff to participate in the text that accompanies the metrics so they have some input into the interpretation.


    Mike Allen

    Posting metrics focused on the process can help people focus on process improvement.  Posting metrics by individual name could (and probably will) drive negative behavior, unless process improvement is in the drinking water in your organization (i.e., well-defined processes operating at a Six Sigma level, with the right metrics).  Issues resulting from poorly performing process(es) or ill-defined metrics could be mistaken for poor performance at the individual or group level (resulting in scapegoating).
    In addition, a thorough evaluation of your metrics may be in order.  I like the following approach:
    What are your organization’s goals?
    What question(s) are you trying answer?
    What behaviors do you want to drive?
    What are the potential negative behaviors?
    What are the ways to mitigate potetnial negative behaviors?
    Who is the audience? (helps determine format and method of presentation)
    Just my thoughts …
    Good luck!



    Last year we started posting personal metrics for our teams.  HR said it was fine to put their name on the information however, our employees were nervous about it.  In the end each person was assigned a random 6 digit number.  Each employee can see their own results, and everyone can see the whole picture, just not the who behind it.  After a few months, employees were sharing their results with teammates. 
    Good luck!



    This is definitely a very normal practice but two things:
    1. Floor level metrics are displayed team wise and not at an individual associate level.
    2. Agent metrics are displayed at the team desk near the TL.

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