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    Vivian Lau

    I am currently a part time undergraduate student. My final year project is on topic Practical Statistical Process Control. Synopsis of my project is
    Engineers usually learn standard techniques of statistical process control from formal courses and textbooks. In industry the situation is often not textbook-perfect; situations concerning requirements related to sample size, independence, randomness and so on, may or may not be satisfied. This project aims to reconcile, using actual data where possible, textbook requirement and actual industrial situations and arrive at conclusions concerning the robustness of various common procedures in Statistical Process Control.  
    I would like to seek for advice where should I start and what is the exact topic I should be doing as SPC is a huge topic to cover.



    Hi Vivian, this is a good idea. Often there are gaps in what we learn in textbooks and what we see/use in practical world and your proposed project would be a good effort to find the gaps. Though SPC is a good topic for the porposed plan, I suggest you to define your scope for a particular industry type (manufacturing, IT, healthcare etc) and for specific SPC parameters you would like to cover (sample size etc as you mentioned). You may end up with a survey questionnaire which will form basis for your data collection. Good luck..

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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