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    Hello, can anybody provide a pre-checklist used in a 5S or SMED workshop. A checklist that will help you scope and direct the team before you even assemble it. i need a checklist that has steps to take and things to look for before actually running the event, a pre-check list that helps you identify things that could cause you to fail.
    Than you



    Step 1. Document the current state of the concentrated area (i.e. Take Pictures) Document the date of beginning the process
    Step 2. Be the primary point of contact between the leadership and the team
    Step 3. Recruit Team Members and document expectations
    Step 4.  Provide Training to the team. (Score Sheets, etc)
    Step 5. Motivate the Change, do a mock run of a small area. i.e. your desk, looks funny, but a labeled desk gets peoples attention. Ever do a 5S project on your garage, great place to get ideas from.
    Step 6.  Create a vision, Describe the desired state you want to get to. This is where the score sheets come into place. Once you get to a certain point it is hard to see improvement, weekly audits will help document progress. This must be defined before implementation, or arguments will insue.
    Step 7.  Develop support, Identify the stake holders and influence them.
    Step 8. Manage the transition, Have a plan, follow the plan, and be commited to the plan.
    Step 9. Sustain, Provide resources when needed, (shelves, labels, etc)
    Step 10. Innovation, Be creative, get the plant manager to help with a project. Build new competencies and skills.
    Not sure if this what your looking for, but its what I have used in the past and very successful.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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