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    In my new project we are working in fiber workshop which produce about 8 pieces which form the final product and its transfer to the assembly work shop for final assembly , the problem is there is over weight in some of that pieces which affect the weight of the final product, we as a team consider the variation in the weight as our gaps and the cost of the difference will be our project improvement opportunity , my question is that just the cost or we can add other kind of cost for more improvement and save cost .




    Try and analyse if there are other costs involved which affects the weight of the final product. Then make a Pareto chart to prioritise and analyse.


    Mike Carnell

    @yahiaelfakymustafa There are always a lot more costs that what you initially see. What seems to make this easiest is to build a Activity Based Costing model around what you are working on. Here is the problem. When you get around accountants and say ABC (activity based accounting) their heads will spin around for about an hour and they will give you 50 reasons why ABC can’t be used. Just don’t use the term but build the model. It’s all over the internet then get the accountants to agree to you methodology of calculating benefits. Get their agreement ahead of time otherwise they ambush you in a management meeting and once that happens they never back down.

    That is a little jaded, probably heavily jaded but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Just my opinion.


    Chris Seider

    I hope you’re considering a process capability study across many X’s for your 8 parts. What a neat project/problem to tackle.



    Hi, Chris

    you mean i should conduct a process capability for all Xs that affects each part process , because each part has its separated process .



    There are always secondary measures you can pursue. The question is can you measure them accurately and does anyone care about them.

    Some examples: Is there a $ cost you can assign per part, is there rework (people time), do you have increased/decreased shipping costs and is there any QA or inspection time you may be able to eliminate if done right the first time.

    There are probably more depending on your process.

    The key is only measure what matters. Your SME’s and process owners usually are a good gauge of that.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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