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    I hope this is the best place to post these problems I’m having; I couldn’t find a link for the webmaster or for tech support.

    1. When I go to the iSixSigma site on one of my computers, the screen keeps refreshing every 3-4 seconds. Can someone tell me what settings to change to stop this? I’m using IE8. I’ve already tried turning the compatibility settings off and on, etc., without luck. Company policy won’t allow me to upgrade IE yet.

    2. I have two profiles on iSixSigma, SixSigmaGuy, and SixSigmaGuy2. How do I log off one and onto the other on the same computer? After logging off, when I log back in, it’s doesn’t ask me for my userid and password; it just logs me on to the account I was previously logged onto. I can’t find any settings that will force iSixSigma to forget me when I log off.

    3. I forgot my password for one of my accounts and chose the option to send me a new password. But it’s been months since I first tried this, including again a few hours ago, and I’ve never received the email with the new password. I’ve checked my junk folder, etc., with no luck. Lucky for me that I have the problem in number 2, above, else I couldn’t log on at all to this one account. But I’m trying to log onto a new computer and I can’t do so without the password.



    Katie Barry

    @SixSigmaGuy I’m sorry you are having these problems. I’ve forwarded them on to our team team, but with the holiday it’s unlikely I’ll be back in touch today. I’ll be in touch as soon as I can. You can contact me directly at editor (at) isixsigma (dot) com.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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