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    I am trying to improve a Health care Emergency Dept.I am trying to apply some process improvement techniques in a healthcare environment so I would like help in identifying all the stake holders that would be linked with my work and right now my concentration is limited to ED (emergency dept.) so I need certain more help in this regard as well and I want all the suggestions that can lead to completion of my work with a considerable amount of improving in the function of the ED.Pleaseee try to suggest what all you can!


    Dr.Mazen Abdel Aziz Maswady

    Dear Ram,
    Improving performance in( ED) is requiring  cooperative and collabortive efforts,therefore,you are required to adopt the following strategies:

    Apply clinical audits .and Quality Audits
    Create quality circles;teams.
    Utilize quality tools i.e.  System Analysis ,Root  Cause Analysis, QM books  in  A&E Units etc.
    Review jobs design,job flow,Redesign jobs, Processess flow;sequence.
    Engage stake holders external,Internal ,and iterface in supporting the department Mission,Moreover establish prtnereship with all parties.
    Leadership ,Empowerment&Creating Appropriate Organizational Culture are the key issues in improving performance.
    Please send more specific identified gaps or problems to answer your inquiries.
    Best Regards
    Dr.Mazen Abdel Aziz Maswady
    Ph.D in Quality Mangement -Hospital Mangement



    Hello Dr.Mazen Abdel Aziz Maswady,
    Can you please elaborate a bit how my approach should be as my concern is to improve the performance of the ED, and what would be the best appraoch!


    Dr.Mazen Abdelaziz Maswady

    Dear Ram
    You may  also conduct the following methods:
    Gap analysis
    Dr.Mazen Maswady


    Maria Madrigal

    Hello!  I would like to share with you some of my insight into Process Improvement efforts in an ED.  In my experience, we used the Lean and Six Sigma performance improvement tools to help us identify the opportunities for improvement.
    For your question on stakeholders, a few comments.  The CEO and the executive team should be a key stakeholder in this, as well as the Chief Medical Officer or head of the medical staff at your facility.  In order to make major changes, there has to be major buy in.  In addition, we put together a project team of the actual employees in the ED as well as representatives from the other areas that the ED touches, including radiology, laboratory and materials management. 
    I can speak with you more on this topic if you would like more information.  I can be reached at 512.757.0549. 



    hi Maria,
    That was great I am getting some quality responses and i would definitely give you a call once I get a little more advance in my project preocess, and I am right not trying to find out how each and every process and a key preson performs in a ED. Once i get to know more about it I will be coming to know if there are anymore faults in the system and i would be looking into different process how to slove them.
    Once i reach this stage i can be more exposed to type of errors i want to get rid off.
    Ramesh Pondhe.

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