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    What kind of measurements and process performance tools (monitoring) should we use to monitor non recurring processes, meaning processes that have only one or two runs each year ? Altough we may use SS to improve even these processes, it appears that sigma, SPC etc..are meaningless here. Do you see any approach that may fit, in a SS environment and within a SS project ?
    Thank you !


    Yang Liu

    You probably can focus on subprocess if you have. My company assemble a big equipment once a year, and our SS improvement focus on subprocess, such as A component assembly, Welding process, Packaging process, Data record process…..
    Hope it can be reference for you.



    We have tracked the completion of the activities, customer-supplier interactions, and other possible inputs (Xs).  This in addition to actual process perfromance, e.g., cycle time, quality, etc.
    The goal re inputs – are we getting necessary inputs at required time and with necessary quality, are we completing standardised work following the standard & creating the desired quality, are we completing process steps on time and qualilty, …?  Even for infrequently occurring processes, we can / should insure we had defined what needs doing & then have processes in place to insure we follow the standard. 
    This means we can control process inputs in good six sigma fashion! 

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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