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    Where can I find process optimization games that would work for manufacturing/accounting group?


    Jonathon Andell

    What would the key “take-away” be for the session?


    Titus Osikoya

    Do you mean where you can find ideas to develop your game or where to find already developed games? I was opportuned to be in one at School (Warwick UK) here it goes…
    The game was built around Kanban. The game was around creating improvement from a PUSH based manufacturing to a PULL based one.  We used a production line consisting of, materials sorting, storing, arranging, manufacturing, assembly, packaging, quality control (Inspection) and dispatching, we measured the lead-time taking into consideration the delays of waiting for products to flow through for example from assembly to packaging due to resource constraints.
    We had a comparative game where the initiation came based on customer’s orders and what was produced was exatcly the quantity the customer requested for, it was easier to measure the required resources at each of the departments and the continuous flow was obvious. It was game-like because the production item was live toy cars and we had role plays like Shift supervisor, Production Manager, packagers, etc
    I hope this helps – it not i may consider looking through my notes again for you
    Please let me know

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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