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    please I need your advice.
    I lead a project to improve flow of customer documents (contracts….) from the shops to archive. High level process: customer signs the contract in shop, agent hands over the contract to courier, courier delivers the contracts to processing company, which verifies the documents, than scans them.
    Problems we have are:
    *lead time (it takes on average 40days with collection by courier once a week)
    *error rate (documents have errors such as wrong address, wrong product….)
    *missing documents (we estimate 15% of documents are lost)
    *quality of scans is low. And here I need you help
    I did a first survey on 100 scans. 6 type of defects I identified with proportion highest 30%, lowest 3%. I want to perform now a larger survey on whole population of documents (2 millions) processed by this external company. I want to find out defective proportions of scans and also identify defects which are caused by hard copy and scanning process.
    How large should be the sample size?
    I take as inputs:
    Proportion of lowest defect type: 3%
    Confidence interval: 95%
    Granularity 0,02
    Result of calculation is: 279 documents
    Is this correct?
    Please if you have experience about similar projects with the above stated problems, please advice
    thank you


    Adam L Bowden

    This sounds a lot like the project I worked on a number of years
    ago – where loans were taking 42 days to process – and the defect
    rate sounded similar to yours.You could get into analysis paralysis and certainly look at
    collecting x number of samples. Looking at it from a Baeysian
    sampling perspective – if you are seeing the same repeat issues
    over and over again stop and fix the issue.
    In the loan project we worked we were able to drop the lead time
    from 42 days down to 13 minutes and pretty much all quality/lost
    issues went away.So – really it is your call – analyze it to death or go and fix the
    issue – with that level of defect you will not have to take many
    samples to prove statistically that you made a difference.Adam



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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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