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    I am doing a green belt project for reducing the average handle time taken by agents in a inbound call centre. The usual time given is 3 months. I have been given only 45 days to complete my project. please give me suggestions how to proceed with the project. i have finished the measeure stage and is going to begin the analyze stage.



    few learnings from similar projects, validate them and provide quick fixes, close the project in 45 days but can further improve on constant basis
    – average call handling time of the agent is the output Y. check for the maximum call handling time for query, complaint or request calls
    – check for these respective inputs like – call handling time = call answering time+hold time+wrap up time, see the contributor
    – hold time can be reduced by providing several information on one screen (front end) or a URL which can be referred to. also enhance decision power of agents (especially to reduce time taking approvals etc), specific inputs through training on certain process after listening to few long duration calls
    the entire data can be collected for the last one month to arrive at improvements
    We always reduce call handling time for our sake (reduce operating expenses by enhancing productivity) but make sure what the customer wants (resolution), hence agents should not become time sensitive but customer sensitive



    -First break up the Call volumes by skll
    – Do a 80/20 ( Pareto) to see which skill maximum call volumes are lying
    – If its only 1skill you don’t need  to break the data by skill split
    – Complete MSA
    Normality test to understand whether data is normal
    Process Capability to check for as is process sigma.



    Do a brainstorming to get your fishbone created.
    HOV by AHT/Agent/Day
    Follow it up with ANOVA.
    Do an inverse pareto
    eg: Target AHT- 04:30 , Agent at 04:45 =
    Defect- 00:15
    Do an inverse pareto for defects to understand which agents are messing up.
    -Analysis 2
    Break up the AHT by Talk+Wrap+Hold+Transfer. Find out the call driver which is increasing the AHT. ( Do a regression)
    Run the above mentioned agent analysis by the biggest call driver.
    – If the issue is anything apart from Wrap time, listen to sample calls to understand the biggest call driver as per call quality, you could do a correlation by call q parameter defect & talktime to understand what is causing the problem.
    All your solutions would come out from this analysis.
    As Indresh had mentioned pls be customer focused & not agent. In the SIPOC your customer shud be end customer & not the process or organisation that you are working for.



    Hi @ri,
    It is clear that you have been down this path before!!!
    Could you send me your email or phone number so that I can understand from you how to go about it?
    For example: What does it mean
    Thank you,



    Hi Gary,
    My India Cell number is +919871465782.
    E-mail ID [email protected]


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