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    Hi all,

    I am new on the Lean Six Sigma world. I have to do a project charter till 15 January and I have no idea. I am also new on the company and is so difficult to find the project idea. I have to do an improvement regarding the work force management. I was thinking to find something about the planing process of the workforce management but I have no clue. Is there anyone who can help me with a hint?

    Thank you very much for reading this.

    I wish you all happy holidays.


    Katie Barry


    Hi Katie,

    Thank you for the replay. I will study the links that you mentioned. I hope that I will succeed on finding the idea. I asked the flow diagram for all the process and now I have to study it to see if I discover something. Is hard because I am not familiar with this process, I have to talk to the person that are involved on this process to see if they can help me. I thought to analyze the flow diagram with someone who does everyday the work to be able to understand the process. I hope that is a good start. I am quit pressed by the time and is the holidays season.


    Martin K. Hutchison

    The first step might be for you to do a flow diagram for a given area. Do a SIPOC while you are at it. Pick an area that is seen as sometimes holding back the next steps in the process.

    If you are asking someone else for flowcharts then you are not doing the work, and you are not learning the processes. You also will not know if the flowcharts that you get are how things work, how they are supposed to work, or how someone thinks things should work. By getting in the mix you learn all these things and find opportunity.
    1) Do the SIPOC
    2) Use the S and C to select likely people/functions for the sit-down part of the project.
    3) Use the group in 2 to do a detailed current state map, and then a desired future state.

    I like 2 or more half-days for events, because that gives people time to do homework items, and it is less disruptive.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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