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    How many of the Six Sigma folks have invested in Project Management cerfications?  Isn’t Six Sigma of the 1980’s & 90’s and PMP for the 2000’s?



    Debbie, Good afternoon!Thank you for your posting, though I must admit that my experience with Six Sigma and the PMP (Project Management Professional) certification are definitely different from your perspective about these.I believe both serve somewhat different purposes and can be very powerful when combined. I am a member of both ASQ (American Society for Quality) and the Project Management Institute (PMI). I have been fortunate enough to talk at ASQ conferences and PMI sessions, and even talked once at a joint session sponsored by both ASQ and PMI. At that session, I discussed the commonalities and differences between Six Sigma and the PMI approach to project management, and then led an extensive discussion with the audience about this. There was consensus among the attendees that both are useful, and that both groups had a lot to learn from each other. There was considerable respect between both groups.That joint session was a few years ago, (2003 if memory serves me correctly), and admittedly was limited to the 200 or so people in attendance. However, my interactions with folks since then lead to believe that the same is true now. I know many Black Belts with the PMP certification, and I also know folks with the PMP who have learned Six Sigma (and also, typically, Lean).Have you had different experiences? … would be interested to hear more from you about this …
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    vikas sagar

    New to this field. Would like to know how and what do i do to become a black belt in terms of courses/trainings.
    I work in a BPO, My present position is of associate level in Metrics.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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