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    Looking for a six sigma project tracking software. Would like a system that provides:
    1. roadmap/tools for the GB and BB’s
    2. dashboard for champions and other business leaders

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    I’m a cheapskate so I use MS Project and create my own dashboards, often in Excel.

    I’m not sure there is much around that is specifically for six sigma projects and the roadmap/tools do often depend upon the requirements of the specific Project but then I’m a pragmatist when it comes to using the right tool for the job!

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    @andy-parr Simplicity is often best.

    I’ve seen a few Six Sigma project tracking software things trying to do so much and capture so much (with hundreds of people to input data manually). Nothing better than excel even for tracking benefits but …

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    @cseider I supported 11 candidates through Greenbelt Project work and produced a single sheet on Excel as a dashboard for progress reports to Executives. They like pretty pictures and colors.

    I find that like the youth of today, Executives have a very short attention span and want headlines not detail most of the time. The only time they seem to want detail is when the brown stuff hits the fan and they need to find a scapegoat.

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    for a while we used the Minitab software Quality Companion, it used to have a nice roll-up dashboard app, which I don’t think they do anymore.
    It has the same problem that any other tracking tool has – it only works if you can get everyone to put the information in…
    But it does have some tool templates, which is helpful.

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    Cindy – there are several of them out there, but as has been noted, most try to do too much. I agree with @andy-parr, that creating a simple tracking spreadsheet that shows pie charts, line charts or bar graphs of the status of the projects and results is usually most effective. What you get with canned programs is everyone’s wish list item which has turned them into bloatware – trying to do everything for everybody. Keep it simple and you’ll do fine.

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    I’ve used many project management/tracking tools and the problem with all of them, after going to great pains to develop task lists, schedules, and so on, is collecting complete and accurate data. I’ve used some that try to collect data automatically from various sources such as time sheets with project/task coding. Even then it only works as well as the administrator sets it up and manages it, and participants accurately and timely record. Most six sigma projects have a small team. It’s your responsibility to know what everyone is doing. It’s easiest to keep track with a simple spreadsheet that you update regularly, and you can easily generate pretty status reports. For anything more than that I’d advise to not go there unless required by your employer.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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