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    hi there
    i am a student of MBA and am working on a project related with employee turnover in an IT company.
    i really don’t know where to start and how to go about it.
    in case anybody has something similar please do help me out.



    Hi Gurjot,
    I shall try and help you out with ur problem. The foundation of any Six Sigma project is to first define the problem correctly. Once you have identified what the problem is you now need to define your objective. For example if your aim is to reduce Employee Turnover by 20% then your “Y” should be to reduce by x%. This should take care of your Define phase.
    Now once you have done this you need to find out where you are currently. This would be the baseline for Improvement. what you also need to do in this phase is to make sure that your Measurement System is also robust and does not in any way be misleading. This is known as Gage R&R. Not to worry rite now about what it all means.
    Having completed this phase you are now in the Analyse Phase wherein the objective should be to identify root causes for “High Employee” turnover. A useful tool is the Fishbone Analysis a.k.a Ishikawa diagram. This typically should be a cross functional effort and you need to rope in all the Managers and not just involve the HR people.
    This Brainstorming session is going to result in a number of casues .. so how do you prioritise?? Fear not .. use the FMEA and voila you will be able to prioritise on the areas that you need to take corrective action.
    This in my opinion should take about a month and half of dedicate effort
    This marks the end of your Analyse phase.
    You are now ready for the Improve phase. What you need to do in this phase is use a variety of tools like Process Mapping, Fishbone & also establish Measurement SCorecards to track improvement actions.
    Now what I have suggested is a very broad level Roadmap of how to go about your project.
    All the best with your assignment. Feel free to get in touch with me in case you need more clarifications
    Regards and have a great day




    Another tool that you’ll find most useful through all stages of DMAIC would be control charting. I’d recommend IX-MR charts for the analysis. In the define stage you’d like to get a sense for the process of turnover. Is it stable? Are there obvious patterns or special cause rampant in the data? Based on this analysis you can go one of two ways. If the process is stable, then it’s going to require a major change to the process to impact the metric of interest. If you find special cause then the fishbone, FMEA, and Cause and Effect could be useful to identify the x’s that are driving the Y of interest. Be wary of the FMEA and Cause and Effect (C/E). These tools are subjective and could fool you into dropping an x that could be vital to the analysis. Once you’ve identified variables of interest, you could then use SPC as a validation of the cause and effect nature. To mathematically model the response you’d probably want to drive for a DOE to develop the requisite Y=f(x) and S=g(x) equations for the output of interest. Lastly, control charts can then be used in the control stage to validate the effectiveness of the changes and moitor the process output for maintenance of the imnproved performance level.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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