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    Mark Volz

    We have been on Six Sigma for about one year. We are beginning to develop procedures for auditng or reviewing a project after the Control Plan has been approved. Our management wants the audit to report on current performance and project savings. I am asking for any thoughts, ideas or relevant materials on this subject. Thank you very much.



    Hello folks,
    I think an audit is a great idea to make sure controls hold! I also was thinking the same for my first project.  We identify the pain and use 6S to “cure” the pain. When done we place controls on the process to keep it from slipping backwards.  But as long as the controls stick the pain is gone…supposingly.
    I would like to see how many times the controls had to be applied to keep the process going as expected.  I thought if I tracked the number of times the operator had to adjust, clear problems, run out of material, or call for higher-level support help I could further MAIC the process to the next improvement level.   
    Has anyone done this; does it even make sense?






    Remember the Control phase is implementing controls to track and keep your process to the level of performance achived through SS.  Control charting is one of the tools, also looking at the process output or thru-put, first pass yield etc.  It should be simple to go back and check on a process after improvement, you have already identified the x’s.  Many companies don’t do this.  They claim the savings and don’t look back.  I have seen quite a few SS projects reworked by a second team because the first team moved right from Improve to closure.
    Set up the control/institutionalize phase corectly and auditing the process should not be very painful.  It absolutely makes sense unless your focus is just completing a project for certification.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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