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    Dear Friends,
    At my work place we want to work on a project titled “Improvement of Environment Education & Awareness among employees”. The issue is that there is a reservation at some quarter with respect to the Six Sigma methodology application for this particular area. This is not considered appropriate on the ground that solution is obvious as we have to impart training to make people aware. On the other hand those who consider this approach in right direction come out with the argument that it may identify which particular group of employees is at slippery wicket and which one is at strong footing. Few nonstatistical tools may be used to identify the real reasons for such a state of affair. The group which is better off may be utilized to spread this knowledge and awareness. Your input interm of its endorsement or other wise will help us to take a right decision. Please share your views telling whether this a right project through six sigma road map.


    Usman Mazhar

    To address similar types of queries, we in our Division have established following seven factors to select a Six Sigma Project. A project idea must hold for each of these seven conditions to be selected as a Project B)

    [ol]Is the Problem Statement Clearly defined supported by Data?
    Will the Problem solving lead to a significant impact in terms of financial benefit and criticality of Process?
    Is the Data related to the Process easily available and credible?
    Is the Solution to the Problem already known?
    Does the problem include allot of Noise Factors which are beyond the control of Divisional Council?
    Is this a Process issue or do we need functional expertise to solve this problem? (capability)
    Can the availability of Ideal Team be ensured throughout the project span?[/ol]

    hope this helps! :)



    Usman Bhai,
    What more do you require to take decision as to whether you endorse it to be a six sigma project or not? Give your original input.
    In this regard up till now we generated a questionery and against the response after taking due care of sample size , we could conclude that on a scale of 1-30, average score was 16.7 with UCI as 17.452. We intend to have a target to improve this score to 20. Secondly such a project may spell out the real causes responsible for poor state of affair wrt Environmental awareness and which particular root cause is having a pronounced effect on awareness aspect. This does not appear mandatory to select a project against which there is financial gain. Simply enhanced customer satisfaction may also qualify to be the valid reason of doing a six sigma project.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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