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    Inspection’s target overspeed to the production line is 10% which accounts for 8% for rechecks and 2% for downtime. The calculated throughput based on our bottleneck in the inspection line results in a 12% overspeed which should be more then enough however we are always working overtime due to the inefficiencies due to production line and quality and associate variation. Going by the number of ACTUAL units being inspected in the same 450 minute time period, we are actually at 1% overspeed.

    In trying to explain to manufacturing engineering that our ACTUAL overspeed of 1% needs to be 10%, they think I’m double dipping on my numbers because our cycle times already prove we can achieve 12%.

    Am I not allowed to look at actual overspeed and still aim for our 10% target based on actual numbers instead of theoretical cycle times that result in the ideal overspeed?

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