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Topic Pros and Cons of WinSPC and Infinity

Pros and Cons of WinSPC and Infinity

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    We are trying to compare WinSPC to Infinity
    We are implementing bakeries with SPC soon
    Is there any review of pros and cons for those two?

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    Both systems might be used for the same processes even in the same company. It depends on regions, criteria and supporting service availability. I’m not familiar with WinSPC (I suppose for food industry it is good as well), with Infinity you get fully functional and customizable SPC solutions.

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    Marc Schaeffers
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    You need to establish requirements to evaluate the two. Both well known systems but I would certainly include DataLyzer in the evaluation. If you for example are also looking at OEE than DataLyzer is more powerful than both Infinity and WINSPC. In SPC area they are all three powerful with pros and cons for all 3 systems. DataLyzer is used a lot in bakeries.

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    When choosing a system/product it’s always risky to rely on vendor specifications, reviews, benchmarking, and even expert advice. I recommend a simple 2D matrix. List your requirements at the left of the rows. Give this some serious thought and include your stakeholders to come up with a comprehensive list. Don’t forget to include non-functional requirements such as cost and ease of use. Give each an importance value, such as 1 to 10. If a requirement is an absolute essential, mark it as such in addition to giving it the highest value in your scale. (I also include and mark “must not” in the requirements list and give them a zero. It’s easy to overlook those.) Do some research to identify potential systems/products, not just the two or three you may have been given. List these at the top of the columns. In each column rate how fully it satisfies the requirement in each row. For instance requirement 1 has a 7 importance. System A has a 6 for satisfaction of that requirement so it gets 42 in that row. Total those numbers for each and you get a score. The one with the highest score is probably your best choice provided that it has all of your “musts” and none of your “must-nots”.

    If nothing else, what the relative scores accomplish is to help deflect internal advocates who think they know the best choice among alternatives, and falling for sales pitches, advertising, or uniformed opinions.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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