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    My organization interested in combining Issue and Change into one log. I am against it, we do not have discipline or knowledge concerning Change Management. The majority of organization were not aware until recently we had the logs or how to use them.

    Do your Process Excellence/TQM organization utilize separate (Issue/Change) logs or combine? Thanks



    In my experience, combining them is a bad idea since they have different purposes and different audiences/stakeholders. For a change log you want to record a proposed change, evaluate pros and cons, approvals, assignments to implement the change with due dates. Issues are about risk management. For an issues log you want to record the issue, assignment for investigation, and remediation if appropriate. Problem logs are for defect reports and should not be conflated with issues. An issue may be identified as a problem. An issue or a problem may become a change request. I usually recommend keeping three separate logs. Entries can be closed on one log and transferred to another as appropriate, with tracking procedures. Some software tools allow you to do this with a single log by categorizing entries and defining different workflows and approvals. But that requires a level of sophistication that many businesses lack.

    FYI from a project management standpoint you do not want any of these logs to become “to do” lists. Allow that to happen and you’ll end up managing by exception rather than by plan.


    Mike Carnell

    if you do not have knowledge or discipline concerning Change Management then why would you log it?

    Fixing an issue requires change. If you do not understand Change Management then you actually cannot do anything about your issues so what is the point in logging them?

    Instead of perfecting your logging capability why don’t you just fix something. You know that thing about leading from the front.

    Just my opinion.

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