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    How can six sigma increase a purchasing departments visibility in a corportate environment?  Can you recommend which certification would be the best action to develop associate skills?  



    Tkae your biggest issue and apply Six Sigma and solve it. One can not lose if you apply Six Sigma to your important but one of your worst suppliers. Six Sigma’s fact-based data driven methodology is a win-win for suppliers and purchasing if used well.
    Your message suggests to me that you desire to demonstrate the value of Six Sigma to others outside of corporate. And, secondly, you want to train associates in purchasing and wonder who might be a good source. Again, I assume you mean if you should train as Green Belts or Black Belts or some other.
    Depending on your sponsorship and experience in your  Black Belts or MBB’s,  one might start out with one full time “Best of the Best” future leader Black Belt and one big issue. Get a win and then develop more Belts, Green or Black, but no more than you have mentorship and projects.
    If I did not interpret your questions well, just write back and I’ll try it again.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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