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    Rich McDonell

    As part of a new group undergoing Six Sigma training. I am being often asked to differntiate between the Ford Q1 process improvement methodology and Six Sigma. Q1 uses many of the Quality tools we are being taught and I feel at the moment that the general philosophy is the same.
    I am actively trying to promote Six Sigma, but get a lot of “Its only Q1 rebadged”
    Your thoughts please…..



    “Quality” as in TQM and others has been around for decades. Popularized by Demming and others, the tools have been formulated and arranged in such a manner as to create formality for improving processes.

    Six Sigma takes it a step further. It is a formal process with steps that should be taken before tollgates can be passed. It ensures that sponsors and champions are involved by creating questions to be asked at the tollgates. It also links the improvements to quantifiable financial benefits — something that has not been easy to do in the past. In my opinion, it just uses many of tools of the past, but links them together much more cohesively to create a full story.

    Q1 it is not. Hopefully Ford can take Six Sigma and make it Q1.

    Good luck!


    Bill Tagget

    The main issue is that if you can’t talk to the specific differences between the two methodologies, no one else will ever be able to either. The Quality group is the one to change the culture of the business. If you don’t have your elevator speech ready, as well as everyone else in your department, to iterate over and over until it sinks in — it will be hard to convince others.

    Repetition, consistency and clarity are key.


    Concerned from Kenilworth

    Q1 was an initiative … 6 Sigma is a way of life! ‘Be the change you want to bring about’ M Ghandhi

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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