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    I have a financial services firm in India. The back office portion of the business is mainly a data entry operation. Please suggest some easy to implement QC metrics for data entry operation



    Hi Sridhar
    what about data entry quality (measured by post entry inquiries), input volume handled/ day, data entry cycle time (from receipt to entry completed in the system). I would measure input quality (incomplete or not legible fields). System up time as process variable. Hope that helps



    Some metrics for DE QC process may be
    1. Level 1 QC ( QC done at your end. It may be 100% QC or sample QC)
    2. Level 2 QC ( QC at client end. Generakky, it is a samle QC)
    3. Gage R&R on QC Process ( All the four tests)
    4. Productivity of QC team.
    Hope this will help.



    Hi Sridhar,
    Your client should be giving you the metrics in the first place. If that has not happened then you will need to develop your own metrics and inform the client on it.
    Start off with collection of data. Collect data on who is doing what quantity of work. What is the time taken for each item to be processed and keep collecting the data for about a month to reach a good figure. This would help in setting up a productivity target for your employees. You would also be able to justify the target.
    This will help you to justify the FTE numbers in your organisation. Also justify any incentives that you may want to give your most performing employees.
    Now for quality, keep your target as 95% accuracy if the client has not suggested anything. Define what is an error and start collecting the data through your in house quality checks. Once you know the reasons for these errors you could find the root cause and then raise the bar after you consistently achieve the set target.
    Regards, Mridull

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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