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    1.  Is this a good measure of a call center agent’s performance:
    Performance level = efficiency * quality?
    2.  does it matter to have a different set of standards/ meterics for untenured agents v. tenured ones?



    Rolando,While I am no Quality Colorado, I have had a similar experience measuring the output of call center personnel, so i will take a stab at adding value until QC wakes up.1. We measure the efficiency and quality separate – they are both important, and if you multiply them, you just confound the result. If you have to take action on someone with a score of 70, the first thing you would need to do is unwind the score to find out if the problem is in the quality measure or the efficiency measure. So keep it simple and measure & track them separate.2. You get what you measure. Are you trying to track the progress of new people to get them up to the performance level of tenured agents? Are you using metrics as part of compensation calculations, and new personnel are not judged and compensated the same? Short answer – yes it matters, and it can matter good or bad, depending how you structure the measures – and why. Most important – involve the call center agents in the standards setting. You will get better buy-in on what you are trying to accomplish. You don’t have agents set the standards, but involve them in the how and why of the levels.



    Go to this link You will find a section on Systems thinking and call centres, which might give you some ideas on call centre performance measures.
    Please note that I have no connection with John Seddon, and no interest in promoting his consultancy business. I mention this because the very mention of his name can sometimes cause the hackles to rise on some visitors to this site, and I would be very distressed and upset if they were nasty or unempathic towards me.
    Good Luck



    Rolando, Good morning!
    Jim H and Accrington have posted very good advice — read them and look up the link that Accrington sent.
    I particularly want to echo what Jim said regarding “you get what you measure”:
    It is important to know what is important to the Call Center, and then to set up a “measurment system” accordingly — NOT just for front-line agents, but for everyone in the Call Center.
    Does your Call Center (and the larger company that the Call Center is part of) have a set of goals — measurable, numeric goals?  If so, do the 2 items you listed (efficiency, quality) line up to these?  Are these the only 2 things that are important?  What about “customer satisfaction”?  What about things that are tougher to measure, but are equally important, such as employee development and learning (to support overall organizational learning)?  Does your organization consider these things as being important?
    There are lots of examples where organizations measured oneset of  things, while other things they ignored or downplayed were probably more important.  General Motors in the 1970s, for example, paid a great deal of attention to “dealer satisfaction”, and less attention to the satisfaction of driver of their vehicles.  Some other car companies paid much more attention to driver satisfaction ….. probably some lessons learned here.
    Regarding your 2nd question:  this may depend on what you consider to be “tenured”.  For newly-hired people who are not fully-competent in a job yet, it is common to have frequent evaluations of their progress and to help them along the way.  Once they are “up to speed”, then they settle into the same measurement system as all other “fully competent” employees.
    Best regards,



    Hello Rolando,
    Call center measurements we use:

    Average call handling time
    Call drop rate
    Service level (calls answered in 20sec)
    First contact resolution rate FCRR
    Call ratings
    Net Promoter Score (customer satisfaction)
    Overall satisfaction (customer satisfaction)
    We try to keep the average call handling time down(influence on productivity), but it has negative influence on FCRR (agents tend to end the calls not to solve the problem in the first place).
    It takes about a year to new agent to get the skills. Till then he receives special atention and different payment scheme.
    hope it helps



    You’re a big help.  Thanks JimH



    Great; thanks Silviu

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