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    Chander Mohan

    I am presently exploring the various quality management frameworks, namely Six Sigma, ISO, COPC, EFQM, MBNQA, etc and just seeking answers to following two questions
    1) For an organization involved in data collection and dissemination what use would ISO / Six Sigma have…
    2) What should be the approach to be put in place for an integrated deployment of ISO & Six Sigma
    3) Is COPC the right framework for non-BPO (business process outsourcing organizations)
    Chander Mohan


    Tajjammul Hussain

    Hi Chander,
    Ans 1 and 2 : COPC can play the role of Process Management and Benchmarking and provide valuable inputs for project selection, identification and monitoring of Six Sigma Projects
    Ans 3: COPC is a gold mine and if end objective understood right and applied , It can be used in any industry.
    Hope this helps…if anything specifc needed, please revert.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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