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    Hello, everybody!
    Two issues in need of answers.
    Is there any correlations or links between ISO9001:2008 and 6 sigma? If any, pls present them.
    Second, does an ISO9001:2008 certificate held by suppliers have any influence on your global purchasing dicisions?



    ISO is a certification given to an organisaton when the organisation fullfulls the requirements and meets the set of standards. having certified the company gets a recognistion and develops customer trust.
    Six Sigma is a tool or application which is applied in a process or a function to avoid the errors or to identify the defect percentage.
    both are different concepts.



    Quality Management System like ISO 9001, are set of requirements, and says what you should do? Not much on how it is done, It is a frame framework  built on PDCA Cycle. Once you are certified, along with fulfilling requirements, you also need to show continual improvement.
    Six Sigma on the other hand is tools enables you achieve those set requirements, example the caluse 8 (Measurement Analysis and improvement )
    Yes definitely an ISO9001:2008 certificate held by suppliers will have influence global purchasing decisions



    ISO assures that you have procedures for everything done in the organization that are defined and followed.  As long as you follow what you have written you are OK. 
    Six Sigma are a set of quality tools that help you ahiece organizational excellence in regards to quality, cost and continuous improvement.
    One would think that ISO is a prerquisite for one company to choose to do business with another however, there are a lot of samll companies that do excellent work and are not ISO certified due to the cost of the initial certification and ongoing recertifications.  As long as they have a quality system in place and produce good quality at a resonable price then they will receive the business over a company that is certified.



    You have been given some pretty good explanations about the connections between ISO 9001 and Six Sigma.
    Regarding the importance of ISO 9001 certification as a criteria for global purchasing decisions, I can tell you that I was once a Supply Chain Management Sourcing Manager for a global company and ISO certification was definitely NOT one of our criteria. We didn’t inquire about it, we were not impressed with a company that claimed to be certified. We were (and still are) very much concerned that our suppliers could meet our quality requirements, our delivery timeframes and our price targets. We did not see a strong correlation between ISO certification and the ability to consistently delivery high quality, high value products and services. I have seen many companies that treat ISO certification as an “event” that once they acheive it, they put all the notebooks on prominent display next to their ISO plaque where they collect dust.
    We were much more concerned about data that showed a company’s ability to perform to our requirements.
    That’s just my observation from the point of view of one company. Take that as a sample size of one.

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