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    How large are normal quality organizations/departments? (In comparison to total number of employees, level of skills, etc.)
    Thank you!


    Devender Malhotra

    There are 2 parts to sizing of quality organization…fixed and variable. There are fixed central roles required like audit / certification/assessment team, process definition team, process automation team and variable team depends on delivery/operations team size. Fixed central roles will depends on process maturing and lifetime of the organization.



    i have a team of 4 for a company of 97; we manufacture precision sheet metal components…


    Cyrus Kotval

    Hi Jake,There are many variables which come into play in an organization, which determine the size of the quality department:1. The Quality maturity of the company and the company’s perception of the value added by quality personnel. If the maturity level is low, do they have a desire to improve the quality culture and maturity?
    2. Whether the company is an OEM/ODM with or without captive manufacturing facilities, or a contract manufacturer supporting the manufacturing and assembly of products from OEMs without their own manufacturing capabilities.
    3. The company’s approach to quality – maintenance (quality control) vs. continuous improvement, prevention measures, and the incorporation of significant initiatives such as Lean Six Sigma.
    4. Product complexity and product portfolio size.
    5. Skill sets required to support different technologiesetc. etc.To summarize, it can vary widely, but usually is a lean group tasked with significant multi-tasking and challenges.Two examples:1. I had a four person team in a company division of about 350 people for a major OEM.
    2. I also had 5 direct reports and more than 40 indirect personnel at an EMS provider with a total headcount of 500+.So one has to weigh many factors in answering your question, and there is no formula that applies.


    Jayadevan B

    I will answer the question in two different cases:
    Case 1: Process Quality, where quality department focus functional checks and improvements. In such cases, if department working on sample basis then team size should be 10% – 15% of total operations strength (eg: 1 resource for 10 people team)
    Case 2: Corporate Quality, where quality department responsible for ensuring adherence of compliance requirements such as ISO implementation and standards set by organization. In such cases, team size should be around 1 – 2% of operations strength (eg.: 1 resource for 100 people team)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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