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    I am in the process of spreading the Quality as culture through out the organisation.
    I need to display slogans on quality ,
    Can some one inform me about sites where these slogans are available.


    If you search using the post title “Inspiring Quality Quotes” you will find a string that began August 12, 2002. There will be plenty of material there.


    I need to display good quality slogans in my  company quality status board very  immediately .awaiting for ur immediate response
    with regards,


    Increase the quantity in direct proportion to qualily improvement.
    Quality is the peak of structural hierarchy
    Fresh Ideas – Quality Improvement
    Never tell people how to improve the qualty, improve themself and they will surprise you with their ingenuity in achieving this goal


    Safety is the tool
    Quality is the goal


    We make QUALITY…..please make your share!


    Deming Rule #10
    Eliminate slogans, exhortations, and targets for the wok force asking for zero defects and new levels of productivity. Such exhortations only create adversarial relationships, as the bulk of the causes of low quality and low productivity belong to the system and thus lie beyond the power of the work force!


    Thank you rwatters,
    You beat me to the punch.  In my years, all poster/slogan programs have failed to have any effect on quality.  Employees tend to belittle, ignore, or make fun of the flags, banners, and posters.
    Better to engrain quality in the culture by leadership and systems.
    Cheerleading is for football games.


    It is worth noting that this original said – Eliminate slogans, exhortations, and targets for the work force asking for zero defects and new levels of productivity without providing methods of achieving them.For slogans I always liked – “Six Sigma or kiss my butt”


    Here is what not to do…
    Put up a sign with your quality statment that just gets lost in the background and no one buys anyway (esp senior mgmt)
    Have management tell everyone that quality matters… but don’t let that get in the way of delivery.
    Tell everyone that we need to make it right the first time… but if you screw it up, well we’ll just fix it later.
    Don’t document anything… takes too long and costs too much.
    Don’t embrace change or new methods of doing anything… “we’ve been doing this a long time and we’re pretty good at it”
    Don’t equate waste reduction with turning out the lights when the shop is empty…and call it lean.
    Don’t listen to the people that actually have to do the job… they aren’t as smart as you.
    I could go on (really) but I’ll stop now. I just had to vent. This is my hell.
    PS. Quality starts at the top. Management has to embrace it, demonstrate it in everything they do and enable it or it will fail.


    I have to agree with the previous posts that reference Dr. Deming’s point #10. If management embraces/fosters an atmosphere of quality improvement and provides the means to achieve the goals, then posters/slogans have no use and are not necessary. If management doesn’t lead the way by example, then the only thing posters/slogans are good for is a laugh from all the frustrated workforce.
    We have posters throughout the facility, as well as the company quality policy and objectives. Unfortunately, it’s quite obvious from their actions that upper management believes these apply to everyone in the company, EXCEPT THEM. The posters and quality policy are considered nothing more than a joke by the vast majority of employees.


    The one I developed for a number of former clients was:
    “We’re no worse than anybody else!”


    Darth – my hero,  always with the good come backs!


    I’ve always been rather fond of:
    “We’re just average people doing the best we can.”


    A couple of my personal favorites: “Quality is for the weak,” and “If you can’t deal with failure, you’re not our target market.”


    Why do it right when we can always do it over.


    This is one of my favorites:
    “One should always be on the lookout for tight tolerances loosely enforced”.
    Scott C.


    Oh, sure, it’s a bit elitist and snotty, and might not further the business in some market segments, but I kind of like:
            We may not be the best but we doubt that you’d know the difference.


    We put the “K” in “Kuality”


    Inspired by Scott Adams’ Cubicle Hell:
    “Quality Approved Products”- QAP
    “Let’s make QAP”
    “QAP Assured”
    “QAP Champions” and “QAP Teams”
    Call it what it is!


    Good one Gnet.  


    Got to
    Scroll down and look at “Motivation_Slides.ppt”


    Hey RubberDude,
    That’s some good stuff.


    Great.  Thanks.  


    Here’s a classic(though paraphrased):
    “…Six Sigma is not about Hugs and Mugs, it’s about results…Leave the slogans at the door…”
    -Larry Bossidy
    Chairman/CEO AlliedSignal


    Your contributions to the subject have been most impressive.  But I believe that no one has presented my favorite quality slogan:
    “We’ve improved our quality, now up yours!”


    Another one what I prefer is
    “Fast Innovation,Fast Growth thru Six Sigma” 


    Fast innovation through SS? Who cam up with that slogan? Let me guess, someone who does not understand SS but makes himself feel good with slogans!


    Anyone else get the idea that slogans don’t mean much?
    The “Pointy Haired Boss” doll on my desk isn’t laughing, but everyone else around here is.


    How can you say “slogans don’t mean anything.” They mean a lot!
    A slogan on a workplace banner can tell you that either a) management is clueless about how such things are perceived, or b) that they want you to believe something you’re not likely to believe based on your observations of their behavior, that they see you and not their leadership as the problem (they want to change you instead of changing their own behavior), and they thing you’re too stupid to see through them. Slogans say that your managers are bosses, not leaders.
    (OK, maybe I’m being a bit cynical and harsh here. Slogans can have some value if management actually lives by them. Unfortunately, all too often, that’s not the case.)


    Hi Gurus,
    The slogan which is like the most ( though its not really a quality quote)
    ‘ Treat every oppurtunity/ work as if your survival is completely dependent on it ‘.
    Many Thanks


    Point taken……  However, effective communication and deployment of proper systems RARELY comes from signs, banners, and postings.
    Consider traffic signs, billboards, etc.  Do we stop at a stop sign only because is says to stop?  Many people don’t.  Most of us do it because it has been engrained in us to do so.  Does anyone read a political billboard and immediately vote for that person?
    Signs and slogans in the workplace are much like advertisements.  They may have some subliminal influence, but they really don’t do the job they are touted to do.  I’ve been in numerous Japanese owned manufacturing facilities and don’t remember ever seeing a slogan.  Very effective communications to the worker about their job and expectations, but no slogans.
    By the way…. My dad had a good slogan that reminds me of most management today….. “Do as I say…. not as I do!!!!!”


    Quality is our business
    No boundaries for Quality


    As Mr. Deming always said, “Eliminate slogans and implement LEADERSHIP !”  The marketplace will enforce quality…if your company or organization or yourself do not have it you will know soon enough.  The ecomonics with tell you, for sure.


    Dear Sir,
    Hopefully it will be catchy and inspiring:
    ” Quality is the ultimate means for sustenance, survival and developement”
    With Regards,
    Tapes das


    My opinion?
    That is neither catchy or inspiring……
    It is bunk…….


    was unable to review the ppt – didn’t lend too much to the quality of the download


    give more some more interesting slogans on quality so that i can win my competition. i am very thankful  to u. 


    Get off of it Bud!  Quality is something everyone can control.  It appears that you use “Management  Failure” as some kind of excuse to complain and not do your best.
    People control quality at the source.  They can respond either positively or negatively.  Quit whining and make a difference to those around you.  If you really believe what you have written, you can support those around you to have faith and try hard…..then quality and morale will improve.   
    Your comments have no positive value….that in itself is “poor quality”.


    Yes, slogans are useless, but so is Six Sigma. The emporer’s new clothes comes to mind when I think of Six Sigma. Our company has implemented this new and improved way of thinking for 18 months now, and we have been through 3 Site managers. None which has a clue about what our company does and how it best performs. Our company is now at crisis point due to “lean” manufactoring, we can not keep up with demands, our work force is completely frustrated because of our “lean” policy they are unable to perform their jobs because new tools are not allowed to be purchased.”Cheap” should replace “lean” because at the end of the day that is what it is.  Quality to Six Sigma is OK as long it is their way, which complete and total rubbish.


    Dolo – seems you’re frustration is aimed in the wrong direction. Lean will help, as will Six Sigma – but only if implemented and used correctly.
    Sounds more like your company has not implemented either effectively, and whoever is leading the implementation seems misguided.
    Davy T


    I can only hope I am your competitor.


    Sounds like your company is doomed to fail, regardless of any improvement strategy you pose.  As Stan said – I hope I am someday a competitor of yours.
    3 site managers in 18 months that know nothing of what’s going on?  Have you thought maybe that’s why your company is falling apart?  You have got many more problems than lean, six sigma, or any other methodology will solve.  And how do you assess success or failure after 18 months of sporadic implementtion with no leadership?  Sounds like you haven’t actually done it at all – just read about it.


        I need  quality slogan.


    How about “Six Sigma or kiss my butt”?


    Try to affect a mock British accent when you say this over your company’s PA system: “But this one goes to 11”


    But the Webbie’s etiquette list says there are no STUPID QUESTIONS.  Wait, it wasn’t a question, just a STUPID post.


    Well, glad to see your obvious meter is calibrated today. Given the vague statement in the initial post that restarted this old thread, I think several viable options have been offered up free of charge, so that has to be a good thing. Hope you have a happy day. 


    I need your help for new quality slogan about :
    Operational excellence & plants reliability. 


    ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management System.


    No problem. Please send a cashiers check in the amount of $1,000USD and I will start on it immediately.


    No problem. Please forward a cashiers check in the amount of $1,500USD and I will start on it immediately. My address is:Dr. Darth
    69 Death Star Road
    Hslkdhjge, Nigeria 12345


    Here is a free one:We are ISO certified so buy from us, we are no worse than anyone else.


    Here’s a couple:There is no U in ISO
    ISO is job #1
    We’re ISO Certified and You’re Not
    ISO MISO We’re cheaper than the other guy


    Would you take a million zimbabwe dollars instead?  :) 


    Be So-So Go ISO
    ISO, ISO, We’re Av-er-age You Know
    ISO IS Ordinary


    Or how about this….
    “We are ISO certified so we can document how bad our products are but at least with the 2000 standard we have plans to improve someday and have meeting minutes to prove it”


    Write another couple of verses clb1 and maybe we can get Alan Jackson to record it!


    Slogans…Somebody punch me in the face


    i need a quality slogan.pls provide me the sites..


    Try Deming’s: “Throw it in the trash!”


    The really good quality slogan sites don’t have any.


    Some of these are uncannily accurate.  (or sadly accurate in some cases)
    Check out “Government”


    “If we can’t do it fast, we will do it half-fast”JDI (Motto: all mottoes are too general)


    JDI –
    I have a Compaq t-shirt that refers to the “Half-fast” pun  ;-)


    Despair.com is one of my favourites: something about Continuous improvement being a death march rather than a marathon.JDI(Motto: I should really be doing some work)


    Pls send me best quality slogans.


     wnt for safety slogan


    chandan kumar patra
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    Rank - Aluminum

    dear sir
    can you give me the quality slogan .
    thanks your regards


    pl send


    Dear friends…Slogans are always works when it is taken up in the respective manner, Before that employees have to understand the exact meaning and necessary of the slogan in the place within the industry


    Pl provide me quality slogen


    I’m sick of all you guys asking this question so I’ll give you one –
    “Do better work or find another job!”
    Now quit asking for a slogan, you’ve got one!


    Send Rs10,000/ DD then i send lots of slogan


    pl. send me at least four good slogan in hindi


    Kya aap akhrot hain?Achcha din lo!Bachcha bandook ka.Mera bachcha mat banaao!




    ples sir sandf qulity slogans thanks


    hlf asd wrk sucs


    AKHILESHDo not rely on websites for your slogan.  A quality slogan needs to come from within the company.  It needs to reflect the culture of the company.  WHat was writtn by someone else may not be how your company sees quality.  My suggestion is to get a team together and brain storm suggestions and take the best fro all and write a quality statement from what you feel is your company’s quality culture


    One for modern times.
    Bankrupcy or Improved Processes. You decide.


    You should do some research on Deming’s view of Slogans…


    can i get some quality slogans?




    Here’s one that is bound to do wonders for your project:
    “Do a better job or we will render your body for its fat content and ship you as part of the next fuel consignment”
    Read Deming and pay heed to his observations concerning sloganeering….or you can just remember the short version
    “Slogan on the Wall – Quality’s Gonna Fall”


    Dear Sir,
    Please send me some Quality Slogen in English,Hindi & Marathi.


    Dear sir please send the hindi and english quality salogan


    They have been sent as requested. Namaste.


    kindly send me slogan related to following theme
    let’s innovate & implement for quality


    qyality slogan hindi and english


    Here’s my favorite one, hope it helps.Ghqrty Arrwpluy NnbryyainIt really captures the heart of the subject, doesn’t it?


    Isn’t that an answer from the oral portion of the online certification exam?


     Thnak You Sir,






    Dear Sir,
    Pl give some salogan for quality assurance on ISO 9001


    need quality slogan in civil construction field


    “Quality is like a fine woman,
    She has a perfect distribution, and a tight specification”
    *walks away quietly*


    Silly and wholly unoriginal…


    That was the point :)
    It was better than everyone elses,

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