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    Dear Sir!
    Myself Amit Kumar presently working in Tata Johnson Controls Automotive Limited, India.
    Sir! Presently I am working on RTY (Rolled Throughput Yield) Study of our plant. I have little confusion in calculating Final RTY of  plant production.  I am expecting help from you.
    Production Description : 
    We are manufacturing Seating Sets for various cars. For this, we have two assembly line:
    One for Rear Seat and other for Front Seat. There is no dependency on each other for production of seat. These two are totally separate.
    As in a general car , there are two FRONT seat (Driver & Co-Driver) and one REAR seat, So we assemble 2 FRONT seat on front line for every REAR seat on rear line.
    Problem :
    Suppose for Front Seat Assembly line, RTY = F
    And for Rear Seat Assembly Line, RTY = R
    Then Final RTY of our production will be =————???
    Sir ! please help me and rectify my confusion
    Thanks a lot Sir and hoping your Reply Soon
    With Regards!
    Amit Kumar



    if we treat the entire assembly line 1 (manufacturing front seats) as single process with RTY =F (assume its 80%)
    similrailry for the rear one RTY as =R (assume its 75%)
    total shall be .75*.80= .60=60%
    but if we wanna compare the RTY for these assembly lines then normalisation is required for each process taking number of steps into considerations
    hope this helps



    Why do you want to do this? Why don’t you spend your time improving the yield on the line which costs you the most waste instead?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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