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    Currently I am working on a Green Belt Lean Six Sigma project , I can not move because I have a few ideas mixed

    Here is what I did in step define:

    The problem: the manufacture of the product X lasts a long time;

    The indicator (CQT) is: the cycle time of the manufacturing process;

    The goal: reduce the cycle time by 50% manufacturing process;

    Perimeter: I determined my perimeter using the tool drill down tree, I will focus on one step of the manufacturing process, say step A

    The question arises:

    Do I have to correct my goal and say, reduce cycle time step of 20% or I keep reducing the cycle time of the manufacturing process by 20% instead of 50% because I am going just focus on some?

    thank you very much



    Chris Seider

    You don’t need to change your problem statement. If substep A drops, then IF the improvement didn’t negatively impact a further downstream process, then the total cycle time will drop UNLESS buffer inventory, etc issues don’t allow you to see the benefit. There’s no benefit to the company unless you reduce the overall cycle time.

    Quick suggestion: Read “The Goal” and be sure to work on Herbie.

    Also, these questions should involve your project champion. My two cents.



    Ok, thank you for your answer

    I have a question about an another project:

    problem statement: Spare parts take much time from their order to delivery

    CTQ : cycle time from order to delivery

    Objective : reduce cycle time from 40 days to the target which is 30 days

    I performed a CTQ drill down tree: i found that it’s interesting to focus on the import customs clearance because the supplier is responsible for the preparation of the order and its shipment, I am just responsible for the import customs clearance (the incoterm used is DDU)

    by focusing on the import customs clearance, the objective will change

    I don’t know if i have to change my problem statement, my objective and the potential bénéfits

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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