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    Jack Welch

    Has anyone (beside me) had yellow belt or above training from a consultant that was’t a blackbelt or who has not actually participated in any realΒ 6S projects?
    To my surprise I asked the consultant teaching my class how many and what types of BB projects he had success with..his reply was he wasn’t a BB or ever took part in any projects.Β Β  It was almost like going for surgery to a person who wasn’t a doctor.


    Mike Carnell

    I will provide you only with what I believe to be true.
    GB’s and YB’s should never be exposed to a consultant. The consultants should train BB’s. From the core of BB’s you should find those people who are good problem solvers and really more inclined to follow the Technicl ladder rather than the Managerial ladder. They are trained as MBB’s and eventually replace the consultants.
    There should also be another group identified who are good at training. They may or may not have great problem solving skills but they handle a classroom well. They can go through a “train the trainer” type program. Joy Cowling is an expert at building these types of resources. These are the only people the GB’s and YB’s should see. You want these people to recognize the internal resources as the Subject Matter Experts (SME). This is just one more step in internalizing the program. If the GB’s and YB’s are emailing and calling a consultant every time something is different you never will break the dependancy.
    The material should transition as well. The BB’s and MBB’s need to get the external examples and external language out of the material and replace it with the internal examples and internal languge as quickly as possible.
    Jim Lambert was running the deployment at Allied Automotive and then moved to GenCorp. When he retained us to do the GenCorp deployment the 3 consultants had to lead internal projects before we trained anyone. This was so we had the internal examples right from the start.
    Just my opinion.



    Excellent question and one that I’ve always asked.
    Why is it that the presidents/ceos (and other management types, in addition to Black Belts in your question) of Six Sigma consulting companies have never been trained or completed any Six Sigma projects. Would you buy a car from a dealer who does not drive them himself? Would you buy a computer from a person who types up the order on a computer other than their brand? You have to eat what you’re serving otherwise there’s no point in serving it. I also feel that there are many consultants out there who have migrated from TQM or other quality methodologies feeling that “all the tools are the same.” Many of the tools are in fact the same, but there is a big difference between those who do and those who teach “do as I say.”
    Just my 2 cents.


    Mike Carnell

    I am not sure what consulting companies you have been dealing with but I know most of the Presidents, CEO’s, and EVP’s of SS consultanting firms and most are practitioners. I did my first SS like project in 83. Same methodology, just didn’t have the name yet. Mario Perez Wilson wrote a book called “Six Sigma” (pretty clever). The project he discusses is a program we worked in the middle 80’s called the FMU-139 program, building bomb fuses. A lot of what happened ther ended up in SS. I am sure most people on this forum whould go into a real tail spin if I started listing who has not and I am sure I would end up in a law suit.
    I made a comment once that in some of the books they have descibed being fired and deploying SS. From the description of the feeling it is obvious they had been fired more than they had done SS. I caught a lot of flack on that one.
    It is a fair question though. Ask the provider if they have done it. If not get them out. I certainly makes my life easier. As a matter of fact if they are a consultant I wouldn’t even accept someone who had only done one deployment.
    Another interesting trend is hiring an ex-consultant as an internal person to deploy. Many of these people have never deployed SS either. Then you as a SS consultant spend your time argueing about tools.
    The other thing that happens is they hire MBB’s to head up deployments. This is probably more successful approach. At least they understand the methodology. It doesn’t guarantee they know how to deploy.
    Good luck.

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