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    I am working on a project focused on reducing defect rate.  The formula to measure success is defined as: number of non-conformances/ total number of deliveries.  A non-conformance can occur when a person ships the wrong product, or the product is delivered to wrong location.  Deliveries are the number of orders for a particular delivery note.  You can have 3 products on one delivery note, but the 3 of them might be sent to the wrong location.  Therefore since the 3 of them were sent to wrong location, I will have 1 defect notification and 1 delivery note.  The question I have is:  how do I look at this in terms of defining my defect, unit and opportunity since it is a discrete project.  Please advice



    In this case:
    CTQ 1 : (Correct) Product Shipment
    CTQ 2 :  (Correct) Delivery Location
    OPPORTUNITY : Since one product is having TWO opportunities( Correct product , Correct location) one delivery note having 3 Products will have 6 Opportunuties.
    Please Keep in mind that you are working on DEFECTS not on DEFECTIVE.
    All the best



    The compplecated part of this is that we are talking about thousands of deliveries, which an average of 3 chemicals per delivery, so this means we will be talking about thousands of opportunities, and the defects are so small, probably 100, that the rate will be very minuscular.  Also, the team wants to measure defects per incident, not per product, meaning that if a delivery was shipped to wrong location, regardless of the number of products on that order, we will count it as 1 defect.  Would I still be comparing apples to apples if I use your approach?  I was thinking of using deliveries as my units, and opp per defect 2 per delivery.  Would this still work as well?


    Vibhor jain

    Since, within the 3 products to be delivered, there can be a case where only one of the products was not what it should have been , we can’t make the whole shipment count as 1 defect. Thus, i suggest to take individual product as a unit.
    Unit: Product for delivery
    Defect: Wrong delivery/wrong product
    Opportunity: 1. Wrong location 2. Wrong product


    Rajesh Narasimhan

    Unit will be Deliverying the Right Product in the Right Location.
    Defect will be wrong product/wrong location
    Opportunity will be 3 and following are the ones:-
    1. Right Product shipped to wrong location
    2. Wrong Product shipped to right location
    3. Wrong Product shipped to wrong location.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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