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    I am doing PhD, I need questionnaire for finding Cost of poor quality in the operations of leather tanning industry.


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    There’s really only one question: What costs do you have because your process isn’t perfect?  The answer generally falls within one of four categories:

    Appraisal/Inspection Costs
    Internal Costs
    External Costs
    Other Costs
    Appraisal/Inspection costs are generally costs associated with testing, reviewing, inspecting, etc..  For example, in a software development environment, the entire test team would be this type of COPQ.  In a project management environment, document review time would be this type of COPQ.
    Internal Costs are the costs, other than Appraisal/Inspection costs, that your group has due to poor quality.  For example, the time developers spend fixing bugs would fall into this category.  All types of rework definitely fit here too.
    External Costs are the costs that others, outside your organization, experience because of your poor quality. Examples of this could be loss of revenue because your customers move to other suppliers, costs for returning defective product, etc..  On my team, we don’t usually add something to the External Costs category unless the external customer/partner proactively made us aware of the costs.  We don’t go out seeking external COPQ costs.  If it’s not worth them telling us about it, it’s probably not worth including.
    Other Costs, or course, is a catch-all for anything that doesn’t fit into any of the other categories.  We also use this category to describe implied costs that we have no way to measure or calculate.  You want people to know about these cost categories, but you don’t have numbers to go with them.
    Note, it’s really important to recognize that COPQ reduction is not the same as total cost savings.  It’s possible that you reduce COPQ, but total costs go up and you haven’t saved anything.  The important thing is that when you can reduce/eliminate COPQ, you are spending your money on productive work rather than rework, etc..  For example, you may pay more to get the work done, but you now have a better product and more revenue.  Too many times I see a final Six Sigma project report reporting only how much money they saved; but want you really want to know is how much you reduced COPQ.  Reporting savings, of course, is important too.



    Thanks… great insight;
    Definitely the points above helped, and I want to know how much you can reduce COPQ in leather tanning industry.
    Thanks for the help!

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