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    I recently got promoted to Business Process Architect for a IT Company that services a large Healthcare Corporation with over 9000 users.
    My question is… It has been said that I should go for PMI prior to Six Sigma. Is this true? I feel that while formal project management training is very important, Six Sigma would directly relate to my job responsibility of realigning the processes for our operational support and eventually throughout the entire corporation.
    Can anyone help? Please let me know what the natural educational progression is for process architects and also which is worth more in the long run for a career based around process development.


    Lenny Shields

    I have both blackbelt background and recently was certified as PMP
    the DMAIC approach will provide you with a framework to understand how to implement process/efficiency improvements in an organziation but the PMI IPEC methdology will provide a roadmap to understand how to manage the project planning and execution/controls activities.



    As a Lean BB and Head of PMO I would initially recommend 6-sigma first to clean up the business process before scoping an IT project to handle all of the diversity of a messy process. That leads to cleaner Business Requirements and less scope creep and technical risks.However since you are an IT shop to a client, you may not get to drive waste and noise out of your client’s business process before being handed the project charter and scope. Your core process (GEMBA) is project management, so PMP first may be better. Then you can use lean and 6-sigma to improve your project delivery process.



    Hai Wkuchinsky,
    it depends jow each of the courses is set-up in detail.
    Most Six Sigma course I have seen have as starting point that the student knows how to do a project and they only show how that is translated into a Six Sigma project. But there are possibly Six Sigma courses that explain in more detail on project management skills.Of course it also depends whether you already are an experienced PL or new on this part of the job and whether you can fall back on experienced colleagues or not.
    Good luck.


    Roger Ellis

    My opinion is based on being certified as both a Six Sigma Master Black Belt and as a Project Management Professional (PMP).  Six Sigma is implemented primarily by planning and executing projects.  The skills acquired as part of becoming PMP certified will help you plan and execute Six Sigma projects better.  The skills acquired as part of getting Six Sigma certified will help you get better results when you plan and execute almost any type of project.  The skill sets complement each other nicely.  You will be more effective with both certifications than if you just have one or the other.  It is not terribly important which you do first.  I would recommend PMP first, but that is just one opinion.  Regards,  Roger Ellis

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