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    Hi all,
    I’m new(ish) to the healthcare LSS arena, with about a year’s worth of experience. I work for a smaller 49-bed hospital and we have to hire another BB to help out with some ongoing projects. I’m wondering if anyone can suggest some BB questions I should be asking during the interview? I have a couple but it’s my first hire so I don’t want to miss something obvious…


    Mike Clayton

    Does he/she come with software bias that does not fit your organizations current software? [That may not matter if you have few users)

    You might give him/her tour of hospital and see if they find “low hanging fruit” of the lean-visual type, or suggest teams that might be formed for various waste or performance issues from their experience…just let candidate talk and see how their thought processes work. As you meet others, introduce candidate. Hopefully, you will allow at least two others to privately interview the candidate and collect responses (HR people usually arrange this in many operations).

    Ask him/her to explain attribute vs continuous data in terms of DOE approach.
    Ask him/her to explain what robust statistics means to them.
    Ask him/her to look at data you already have and make comments on analysis methods or next steps from hints in that data.

    Verify certification if that is important to you.
    Experience in hospital environment can work for or against a candidate depending on past success or failure that has to be verified with former supervisors by HR.
    So get letters of recommendation if possible.

    Ask HR about legal issues with interview process….now days it can be tricky.
    That my instant respone…may think of better questions later


    Trish G

    Interesting,I’ve never worked in healthcare directly, can you give me an example of where you might use DOE in a hospital setting?

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