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    I am new to my organization, and was hired as a full-time Green Belt, with Black Belt training coming in January.  I had been working with Six Sigma methodology for the last 2 years with 6 projects under my belt, along with 8 years of mgmt. 
    Six Sigma has been in our manufacturing facilities with good structure for the last 3 years, and was introduced to the transactional side of the company 18 months ago.  We have 60% Green Belt trained in Lean Sigma, and approximately 10% certified GBs.  Unfortunately SS’s initial deployment was medicore at best, with minimal Sr Mgmt invovlement, including admitiance from the MBB that he has no interest in transactional.  However, SS was brought to this organization by a Sr. Leader who is a major advocate, he simply cannot/has not dedicated the time to the transactional side.  We have no traction or respect within the organization. 
    I am greatly fearful that is we don’t gain some momentum soon, SS will be thrown out of the transactional world at this company.  My group (3 of us) are interested in re-deploying SS here, but would like some good reference material to fall back on.  Does anyone have any reading material from a company that may have gone through something similar?  Or, do you have any advice for someone that truly believes in the methodology and wants to make this work.  This is a multi-billion dollar company with so many projects to be worked on, yet they aren’t seeing the value.  Any advice is appreciated.  Many thanks… 



    Please reply in main site as opposed to financial services.  I posted in the wrong area.



    Battag, Good morning!Thanks for your posting. I believe your fears are well-founded: your MBB is abdicating his leadership role on the transactional side; the Senior Leader who brought in Six Sigma has not built a “leadership coalition” on the transaction side to guide the deployment; and your other senior leaders show little interest.I applaud you and your group of 3 for keeping the faith. Senior leadership involvement (in the right way) is crucial, though, for any deployment / re-deployment.Here is something that could work: you have momentum on the manufacturing side, so it may be possible to “borrow” momentum from there. Are there places in your organization where manufacturing and transactional meet? And, if so, are there any promising projects which would include both? If so, see if you could get a good Sponsor on the manufacturing side to “build a leaderhship coalition” with your leaders on the transaction side, for at least a few projects.With this, and a few good “wins” you may be able to get someone on the transaction side to try Six Sigma on their own (without the manufacturing folks). Without this kind of leadership buy-in and involvement, your prospects are not very encouraging.
    Best regards,


    Zakir Ahamed

    Having gone through your post, I feel I can somewhat relate to Six Sigma projects at my present company Brandix, where we have implemented SS across multiple SBU’s. In my experience for SS to be a longterm success I believe it has to get into the blood stream of a company, be it manufacturing or transactional. Also as a SS practitioner, its important to take note of the cultural & softer aspects in an organization. As a guide line you can refer to my article the “Cultural Pyramid” in the blog-gsphere (Zakir Ahamed).
    In your case I feel you have reached a steep S curve in your SS implementation where you seem to be at the point where it could go either way, my suggestion to you is try and re-energize SS program by creating an awareness program from top-down and if possible organize some champion training for key decision makers who you feel can have a direct or indirect impact on the program.
    Warm Regards


    Adam Bowden

    Give me a call and I can chat through how to make SS programs
    succeed in the Fin world/culture – it is especially tough in the TRX
    side of the world.Adam
    (1) 720 938 0321

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