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    Zal KANE

    I am a housekeeping manager, I was trained for 3 days
    for Six Sigma. I have now a Quick Hit project titled
    Room Inspection Improvement Process.
    I need help in mesuring the inputs, process, and outputs. What do you think I should have to mesure
    in order to successfully complete this project.



    Define the process. (and some driver for doing the project , like CTQ’s that need attention maybe…)

    Figure out what the measures are, (and where they are in the process) actually get the data….

    This should make the choice of analysis tools easier, then do the analysis.

    This will then “point” you at the areas for improvement.

    Go back round M-A-I loop until you have reached your “objective”.

    Move foward into controlling this process …..

    PS. why did your “training” not equip you for doing this?






    I think Jeff’s guidance is useful, but prior to using it you should first identify who your customer(s) are for this service. After the customer identification you should ask them what is important about the inspection process, i.e., what do they expect from this process. Next, attempt to order the list of important items from the perspective of the customer. If this list is large, >20 items, pick the top 20% of the items on this list, these are your initial Critical to Quality(CTQ) characteristics. For each of the selected items identify a way you can measure their performance. Then, begin working with Jeff’s guidance.

    Hope this gets you started,



    Ken Domonkos

    Sounds like you need an enterprise process management
    platform that enables you to discover, measure, ananlyze, improve and re-engineer your business processes. Please contact me at your convenience.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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