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    Below are the viewpoints of two consulting black belts engaged in six sigma consulting projects. I just happened to read them ….
    Waiting for all your views ::::
    Quoted :
    The lessons that I learnt :
    1> Dont do anything it will increase the variation of the process. Increase variation, so we have more opportunities to come back and work.
    2> Dont collect samples it will not give you the desired result Collect samples to take a sense check, BUT make sure, your sample is NEITHER sufficient, NOR representative. We are here to mislead and not work!
    3> Dont use minitab its a waste of money and time Use minitab more often to confuse things. Run all the tests, even if it is not required to include “Meat” in your presentations. BUT make sure you run non-parametric tests with Normal data!
    4> Dont read anything becuase thats a waste of time Only time I read is when I am sitting on the shitpot. So I completely agree with you on this.
    5> Always try to understand the bigger picture which doesnot exist  Create your own bigger picture if you cant see one! The picture you create should never tie in with the organisation goals. Set your own timelines and make sure your project runs for at least 2 years.
    6> Keep your self engaged by  repeating the same work again and again  Spot on!
    7> Six sigma doesnot work becuase its a farse I couldnt have agreed more on this one!
    Anything else you want to know !
    Quote Ends !!!

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