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    I am working in a software organization providing service to Financial institutions across the globe.I want to apply the lean concepts in software scenario.What books/reference material you will recommend for the application of lean concepts in IT?



    The Agile Manifesto and the various agile methodologies came from applying lean thinking to the software development process and to IT project management in general. Good place to start is

    There are plenty of books on lean and SS for software development but all of them I’ve read seem to focus on incremental improvement and adding complexity to measure and analyze what you’re doing. Arguably a good thing if you’re doing real software engineering and your customers/regulatory agencies demand profuse documentation. Agile is different. Even in highly regulated industries such as health care and finance those who’ve adopted agile methods claim three and four fold improvements in productivity and quality while still satisfying regulatory requirements.




    I have come to learn after years of experience that Lean & IT are paradoxical . Lean in IT challenges the basic revenue model on which most IT businesses are built , At best, it exists as a jargon in most IT processes / functions

    However , you may try to apply Lean in IT support services .

    One of the best books in Lean is Toyota Way Field Book by Liker – you will need to adapt some of the concepts to IT .

    Just my opinion

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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